It’s, what needs to be put in place for the weight to melt away/stay off? 

there are many ways that can be taken to lose the weight, unfortunately not many of them give you the lasting weight-loss figure body you want so you can feel that peace and love for your body

I remember when I dug deep, it wasn’t even about ‘oh I need to be this size that weight fit into that dress’, it was way more about feeling at peace with my body, myself, light free living in joy on purpose 

the beauty is, that you can get the weight off and feel total inner peace

there’s nothing wrong with the surface level stuff, it’s just that it isn’t address the root cause, so if you want results, then the root cause is key 

what’s the root cause? 

🌀Toxicity, mucus parasites acid old emotions

🌀Trauma = toxicity which leads to tension

…we could also say deficiencies, but when we focus on the two T’s then any deficiency heals itself naturally, this is the power of root cause healing at a cellular level! #freedom 

and what addresses both these T’s?

🌿having an alkalising plant-based transition in place 

🌿understanding mucus free lean foods

🌿feeling emotions (as you are safe to feel safe to heal safe to be at your best as you)

🌿regenerating the adrenals liver kidneys lymphatic and digestive system to balance (so you can feel balanced emotional & so well physically) 

🌿implementing TBAR method via our bespoke 1on1 Body Awakening weight-loss freedom & vibrant body programs (guidance & accountability makes it much easier)

I struggled for decades with my health, trying it all, diets supplements detox plans therapies colonics meditation exercise

what’s possible when the root cause is healed is endless, it doesn’t mean it’s harder, it just means it’s liberatingly different

this perspective ended all my health worries; no more, ‘what’s wrong, how do I fix this, will I ever be well, feel well…’

let the what if’s melt away love

let the truth open up true happiness

let the doing it differently be liberation

What’s holding you back from that weight-loss?

I love you!❤️

Arianna xxx

aka Health Goddess

Specialist & Mentor.