I called myself a failure for years,
beat myself up mentally emotionally, pushed it down with food and stimulants, so much negative self talk

I still have moments, I just know how to see through it now and rise above it

why I wasn’t further ahead, what was I doing wrong, why wasn’t it working for me, comparing myself to other women

to get clear, failure is not when you are giving it ago, continuing to give it ago, continuing to find a way, yet nothing seems to be working, I fell I picked myself I fell I picked myself and on …

this does not mean you’re a failure, you are noble dear sister, continue onwards, you are getting closer each time, you learn here, you gain strength and courage here to summit the peak of your destiny

you fulfill an internal strength that knows soon the blossom is forming and you are metamorphosing into the butterfly ready to fly your way, souls way, the hearts way, loves way

I see you and I honour your dignity to continue on this tumultuous path, that has had many obstacles, they are clearing now Beauty,
know feel this now

vibrant healthy confident clarity purity innocence of the childlike spirit of play truth invincibility determination freedom of enlightenment,
it’s all here, whole and renewed

bring all the pain shadows struggles fears into the ocean of love in your heart, breath it in, imagine it all dissolving be-coming one, allow open to the well-being awakening in you

you SistAr
are the STARchild
of MotherEarth

your precious sacredness
is needed now
you matter

I love you ♥️