the focus has been diverted, we are only EVER deficient from anything because our cells are so blocked with gunk mucus heavy metals chemicals to much fat and acid, that they can’t uptake the goodness you eat daily 

… it’s like fat on top of water, the water is your cellular body, the fat is all that goodness trying to get in, but it can’t, because of the toxic layer lining all our cells 

HEALTH is about removal, not adding in, that only comes after you’ve done the foundational work which I missed for over a decade on my own journey and why it took me so long to heal fully and wake up to the truth in this temple of love happiness joy and bliss

When we feel low in energy foggy weak anxious stressed, it’s always ‘oh I must need more water vitamins minerals protein good fat’, and sure some

of that could be true, but until the body is cellular healed, none of that goodness is going anywhere 

but out in your urine, and clogging flow up 

Unless we are absorbing assimilation digesting, it’s going in one hole and out the other, you’ll know if you’re absorbing efficiently, as you’ll feel alive energised grounded centred aligned in flow with life and the process of life, life feels light clear much easier and well-being prevails here 

It means …

🍑Cellular Hydration through high water content plants

👙Liberating Fasting protocols

🍂Using food transition through plant foods to set a foundation for health longevity and wellness

🌸AlkaliSing cells organs and glands to embody truth

🌿Resetting hormone communication for balance 

🫐Eating to cleanse eliminate regenerate and nourish

🌈Quantum living for ultimate mindbodysoul freedom 

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Connect soon love!💌