it’s taking you to your next level.

being here by the ocean for the weekend, watching the surfers, teaches me my truth of fearlessness, more and more

…resistance is only ever fear to feel it. 

resistance to change

resistance to truth

resistance to LOVE

resistance to allowing more in

resistance to more HAPPINESS

resistance to greater expansion and BLISS

resistance to letting go 

I learnt this through my passion and enthusiasm to write, I saw how the mucus parasites acid was holding me back, as sharing my voice my expressions is so powerful and transformative, my subconscious was freaking out about me up-leveling, letting that old me die baby, and rising into more of who I am here to be

So where are you resisting Gorgeous?

…the call to transform your eating habits 

…the call to detox and cleanse 

…the call to heal

…the call to up-level your life

…the call of your body 

.we all know, what we resist, persists.

So, the question is, will you let go, will you answer the call of your inner guidance system calling you home to more of your greatness? 

I’ve learned, my body is the biggest gift ever, not a distraction when we focus on what’s going in and what’s coming out, when we truly listen, when we see the resistance, when we face it in the eyes when we face it fearlessly, and go for it

we move through it. 

you can move through anything, 

you are enough exactly as you are.

the growth, healing, purpose and the focus the energy the confidence the happiness more and more unfolds through us — as you clear the way within, so without 

Ready to say a resounding “FUCK YES” to your next level? 

Love you!

Arianna Health Goddess❤️

PS. bullshit To Freedom, new series starts tomorrow (intro will be up here on IGTV, and full series on YouTube at Arianna Maria Health Goddess link in bio to join my community!)