I live a life of self-love compassion and flowers, on purpose and in love with my life

but I can’t ignore the injustice in this world

so I’ve learnt to bring all the pain I see out there into my heart, to feel it all, 

to alchemise it into love, as my own, because it is

I see it everyday as I work with woman facing their body pain so courageously 

there was a stage in my life when I chose to escape feeling 

I used anything I could to not feel; food drugs alcohol sex codependency 

but that didn’t work, it just made it harder and more painful in this body

so I started to do everything I could to shift my consciousness:

I started making my wellbeing and health top priority 

I faced my sexual traumas and did what I had to do it rise above it and let it go 

I started to become more aware of what I was eating

I found out cellular regeneration was my liberator 

I detoxed, ALOT, and continue to make it a part of my lifestyle  

I started to hear my soul 

I started to open my heart again

I started to feel joy like a child again

I remembered what inner peace felt like 

I remembered self-love self-worth self-compassion

I re-awakened my creative energy

…and remembered what life was for.

I came home to my true Self

I came home to the remembrance that no can take my freedom away from me

I choose to stand in my truth and follow my truth

nothing else matters to me, than truth

pain, it’s not to fear, it is the running from the pain

the medications the fade diets the synthetic supplements 

the healthcare system that makes it worse

you are not here for this my love 

pain is safe, safe to feel, acknowledge be with, to heal

I cope, because I know we are all one

this to me is the greatest service I can give to humanity

to continue to feel all my emotions to be with my heart

to heal my body to reset to relax 

to radiate my enoughness my truth my pure love

so if you find yourself struggling to commit

as I did at points on my body healing journey

remember how much your actions are impacting so many others

don’t fear anymore, just love 

You set yourself free,

 right here. 

to you my darling flower x

together we can rise above anything!