We think we are such a burden when we get sick, when we don’t feel well, so we hide it ignore it make it nothing because we feel so unworthy of help support care, yet the true nature of humanity is to care for one another to love to hold to be with, this is why I adore my mission in the world, to help another being, woman man child feel better feel alive feel well is so precious, to be able to help another is pure joy. If I can help another out of a dark spot as I did myself, to me this is such a blessing, to guide my sisters brother babes out of pain into paradise, if they ask. Of Course we can only receive support when we say yes to receiving it, support is not weak never weak, it is so noble to show our vulnerability and ask for help if we need it, and not to stay quite and shrink, you are infinitely worthy of support and love, and to feel your absolute shining best. Never hide your true feelings, always speak your truth, the body is the most intelligent of voices, way beyond any thinking mind. I see you. x