So hey, my names Arianna��

I wear crystals down my bra��

I seeked for decades to find what I live now inside myself, I am an ecstatic, here to bring the
flowering of the heart to humanity through my joy for life

I am totally obsessed with using food to heal the body, nature flowers trees the earth birds
walking barefoot connecting to the grids the healing frequency of Gaia

Some foods I love as my medicine all organic – maple syrup fresh fruit aloe vera olive leaf tea
cold-pressed apple juice medjool dates fresh herbs nori sprinkles raw cacao, a few LOVES

I healed myself from what many would say is incurable in the healthcare agenda: autoimmune
hypothyroidism severe anxiety depression emotional feeding major hair loss no confidence and
an eating disorder … all naturally

Animals have always been a huge part of my life, I was in the triathlon world in my teens, I loved
the freedom of riding horses, wild free so exciting, our true nature, since going vegan, well
beyond vegan- my connection to animals nature humanity, has become even more unified, my

I love to dance sing walk write poetry, play create in the kitchen, nourishing my being taking
care – loving myself, my life is a ceremony of bliss since healing this divine sensual body

Every day I listen to my body my feelings to know what my truth is, I no longer get lost in the
drama called 3D distraction, because I chose not to, so much to create whilst I have this
precious life on earth with my fellow heart centred loves
After hating and abusing myself for decades, I now fully and completely love and accept myself
as the unique wild sensual creator I am

I am an elemental being, I love planet earth, I love life, I love my body and live in joy daily, it
took massive commitment, but I did it.

Unconditional divine mother love and living heaven on earth is what I am about at my core♥️
so that’s a bit about me, a little insight into some of my wild world of healthy liberation that I also
help others to live and embody!

To Love & Beauty