It’s All In The Release The Removal The Elimination

Lovely when all you hear all day long is you need more protein, are you getting enough good fat, are you drinking enough water, what about your vitamin D, or your iron,
are you taking it?

it makes me so sad to know that you’re being led onto the road to nowhere, this road I travelled far and long to only come
back to where I started

because none of this is relevant to the root cause of the imbalances you’re experiencing right now

So many nutritionists and health specialist’s forget to tell you that nothing will shift for good unless you are removing what’s causing the problem in the first place

to make permanent body shifts both physically mentally and emotionally, the body has to be supported to eliminate the waste that’s causing the weight gain sluggishness brain fog hormonal imbalances food cravings

So what next?

💫‘healthy’ food isn’t what heals the body, but a shift to – cellular waste being removed, yes yes yes! did you know this?

💫your belief and your biology is a quantum entanglement, it’s connected, deep, so do you believe?

💫organs need repairing and regenerating through botanical support, to build new cells and tissue, this impacts results hugely, systems need support, food and herb medicine is essential

So many never really share what it really takes to get results, because so many I living in suppressed bodies,

this is causing mayhem in the health world, confusion, and why we still hear so much about protein fat and supplements, because when the body is being feed all this,
it needs this to feel Ok,
as soon as these areas are stopped and you do the real work, the healing process begins and most don’t want to feel it,
I hear you,
I’ve been there too,
but what is a life half lived,
when what’s waiting
is paradise

You have years, most of us have decades
of waste stored in our cells since the day you were born,
this has been accumulating over time,
it’s at this level we really come home
when we release what is no longer serving

I’m talking-

I don’t teach radical
I teach radical self-love, yes 💕
I teach realness around the body
and how to really preserve the bodies wellbeing and live the most vibrant connected life from within

I waited over a decade to get my dream
results, because no one ever told me this …
🍊Your kidneys have to be filtering to filter lymphatic waste, this is essential for removing weight toxins sluggishness healing your adrenals hormones and emotions and riding cravings
🍊Parasites need to be removed to so you can take back your consciousness, your nutrients and your power to live in peace
🍊Sulfur deposits in the gut need to be removed so fungus stops growing (candida is a fat problem not a sugar problem)
🍊Metabolic waste needs to be removed from the cells for the body to heal itself, which requires eating plants plenty of raw fasting herbs movement a frequency reset and detox processes to support the elimination throughout the entire body
🍊It’s not about the protein or the fat or the carbs or the water, it’s about getting the toxicity out of the body, then using the correct foods to support the body to heal
🍊the body can’t heal on acidic food, you can get results, but it’ll mean the body has just been suppressed not healed (this was such an Awakening for me!!!)

Currently deep in a 35hr dry fast, every time I see and feel the healing the shifts the awakenings the release of toxicity the breaking down of waste to be flushed out and the space made within to heal repair and regenerate,
I shed another layer,
I come home even more
in this miraculous body of mine

I found that I could put as much so called ‘healthy’ food in, but if I don’t get the layers of waste out at a cellular level, things will never change or fully heal,

So you have to decide Beautiful, how much is it costing you to not change?

to stay half experiencing this divine life,

when what’s waiting
is bliss
is ease

what do you choose today in this potent energy of this super new moon?

New VIBRANT healthy beginnings?

PS. 21 days till we kick off The Body Awakening magic in Ibiza, 20-26 Oct🔥💕

It’s the most liberating journey of all,
in-person, present with you, present with life, present with your body, present with nature

It’s COMING HOME to you
It’s living FREE
It’s releasing your SOUL
It’s healing your entire DNA
It’s AWAKENING your body to ANANDA

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In the words of one of my private clients;

“A 7 day retreat covering food and herb medicine, DNA and frequency recoding and recalibration of various organs, hormones, nerves, energy healing and emotional healing, sacral release work, quantum and other worldly wisdom, sexual and love trauma release, pineal gland activation, TM meditation, plus much more.

I had daily frequency work, hooked up to biofeedback recoding and recalibrating organs hormones blood profiles beliefs systems food irritations, even DNA!

Goddess work
Dance work
Private massage and yoga
Hike to bathe in magnetic ocean waters at the foot of magic mountain, renowned for UFO sightings, and, well, magic
Many many journaling sessions to support all of this!

… it has TRULY been a deep dive into release, into feeling, into opening, into SELF.

The plant food is amazing
The herbs are POWERFUL.
The all organic juice and daily potions – You can FEEL the good is working!
The frequency and other various healing sessions, WOW

It is all so good
It is all so NEEDED

I desire very much to return, and do this again.” (Katrina, Australia)
The Body Awakening Ibiza ❤️

Application only via 1:1 call📱
Very limited space💎
PM me if you’re interested💌