It’s a sweet adventure, and it starts with deep trust in this body, to go inside her, my soul was calling me to break free, to breakthrough to rise above the pain in this body- the stress weight anxiety depression food addictions, what activated the internal shift to take action on breaking the rules to live love eat be on my terms, this – the fear of never really knowing my true Self, or the potential within this human heart, to miss being of highest service to my fellow brothers and sisters, the pain of never truly loving and accepting myself, living a life of fear instead of love, distracted, purpose forgotten. When I remembered there is nothing in my way, only that stuff I keep not listening to – this body, the emotions, I decided to address it, and reclaim my Goddess power to manifest the life I want. You are the creator darling woman, together let’s end the over-giving over-doing, the distractions, and together we drink the elixir of life, nature’s whole-food plant medicine’s, and remember, why we are here, why you chose-now-to be here. Sister, I see you ❤️🌹❤️ holding your hand all the way to paradise x *the feminine energy, she trusts x