I had to pull the plug on my ignorance and act. As I knew deep in my heart I was here to allow the alchemy of light to transmute my body mind and emotions … as you I and Mother Earth are right now being impregnated with light, we are part of the Great work to shift to unity and harmony consciousness. 

But if we are being ignorant to our own inner alarm bell, well it all starts inside you … your breakthrough is the worlds breakthrough.

the body shame I held numbed my entire life and consciousness, I felt nothing, I felt lost

the food and alcohol addictions clouded me and intoxicated my body mind spirit with lies

the codependency ran my life as I ran further way from myself through toxic relationships and fear of being alone

the eating disorder I had in my teens that lead to thyroid issues not knowing myself suppressing my spirit, a girl lost in an illusion she thought was real …

We are all initiated through our body in different ways, it often starts with emotions we suppress the sadness the grief the anger the guilt the fear, which is a massive alarm bell, but we think it’s just normal to push it aside hoping it’ll just disappear, fear of expressing it, fear of speaking up, fear of being different, this is when physical dis-ease appears, it’s a sure sign of emotional suppression when we feel exhausted sluggish crave sugar salt crunch spice soft caffeine alcohol and feel pain in our body, 

have you been listening to your emotional alarm bell love? or have you been ignoring it, making it normal? 

You would never have chosen this earth plane script for yourself unless you knew deep within your soul that you could and will overcome all of it, because you are a powerful woman, a bold courageous agent of change, just your energy shifts people, you are magic, you are love, and you know there’s more to this earthly existence, and you are right darling! We’ve use food stimulants alcohol excuses to suppress our sacred feminine power, and it’s time to put an END to this tumultuous path, power awakens from your sacral, your belly, your centre of creation, hormones womb wisdom heart knowing gut brain all interconnected

foods that allow our energy our e-motions to flow in a healthy way, allowing you to feel a freedom from within, here we start to reclaim our ecstatic nature in this sensual feminine body, to feel playful joyful creative flow and aliveness is here, until I cleared the way within my body, cleared all the gunk junk yuck that was blocking my pure divine energy flow of love and radiance of health and happiness, I repeated cycles habits patterns over and over, I had to cellular regenerate my body, I had to decide I was ready to let go of the past me and say a sacred yes to the embodied empowered healthy vibrant flow me, 

… the true YOU!! 

I know you can feel this inside your heart, because we are warriors of the Light, priestess’s of the Earth, Goddess’s of Love, powerful woman anchoring unity and harmony consciousness on our planet home, we are different, we chose love harmony peace health truth long ago, are you remembering, we can’t continue with toxic patterns when we know this is our role … so when will you start truly listening to your body alarm? how long has she been ringing on your soul to answer? how much longer will you wait to start feeling your absolute best, lighter brighter clearer and free? We all chose our sacred initiation, and your soul knows you would not have chosen it unless you KNEW you could overcome it all, you are strength of the God Goddess, remember who you are, so my darling, what is your answer to your bodies call of liberation? 

Are you ready Beautiful? 

Work 1on1 with me in The Body Awakening Reset Program and reclaim your feminine power confidence play and creativity, rekindle your truth of flow and joy, feel alive in your body at peace and liberated to be who you are at soul level, release the past now and walk the way of love, that starts with a sacred yes to self-love and self-respect. 

I honour you Sister, 

and I am here to walk with you. 

Reach out if you are ready to find out more.♥️


Award-Winning Womens Health Specialist