We heal when we remove toxicity, not add it. 

Protection and health comes from removal of all toxins, 
and why all vaccines are a lie, not just covid.

This is a fear plandemic.

It’s your body, It’s your life. 
You get to choose. You are free. 
Say no to all vaccinations.
Say no to masks.
Trust your inner knowing.

I own my body mind spirit
I stand grounded in my truth 
Every part of me is sovereign 
my eyes brain heart lips nipples Yoni bum breasts organs cells DNA/RNA 
No one touches me without my permission

this vaccination could sterilize all men women children and unborns!

this vaccination can lead to autoimmune cancer heart disease mental health of all kinds, and huge hormonal disruption to infertility, its an injection of poison 

the vaccine can go into your DNA RNA and mutate your mind body spirit, you are being injected by the state with synthetic DNA/RNA that’s NEVER been done before

I have been vaccinated in the past, and now continue to detox vaccine consciousness out of my sacred body, and why I continue to purify and clean my body, have you ever been vaccinated? have you ever purified your body? 

they are trying to depopulate our race, 
the vaccine is to delete creation life – 
it’s a spiritual holy war we are in right now 

there is no pandemic
there is no virus 
there is no medical overload 

the vaccine has NOT be safely tested 
the vaccine is going through a totally bullshit fake PCR test, giving false positives 

no vaccine is safe 
all vaccinations are dangerous and toxic 
the vaccine does not support the immune system in anyway, it tricks it and the toxins get into your trillions of cells, here your DNA/RNA strands are permanently altered to state agenda of manipulation and fear

It’s an agenda
It’s been set for decades 

You get to choose.
You get to say No.
You get to protect yourself your family your children.

No one will inject me with poison ever again! 
I take charge of my own body mind spirit, I am in control, 
no one controls you unless you let them

Let’s stand as one heart 
rise above the genocide
it’s an experiment 

We do not heal anything by adding more toxins into the body, 
we heal by getting the toxicity OUT, 
do your research, 
be wise and awake

Stand in your truth. 
Of soul sovereignty. 

We are in this together Earth family🌏

So much love!❤️

Arianna x

If you seek supportive guidance with your health please reply to this email.

I’ve joined the WDA along with over 100,000 other health professionals,
scientists and doctors speaking up about the hoax and dangers of the covid 
Vaccine, this goes for all vaccines –

What makes a true warrior is being brave and having courage
in the truth of what he believes ~ Lakota