I had this belief running about my health for years, that if I just keep doing what I’m doing it’ll get better some day then I realized that was insanity, to think if I continue doing what I’m doing that’s not working, and expect different results? hmmm

So, I shook it all up, I looked deeply within myself, I saw how I had been missing a huge part of getting this body fit and well, 

Then, another false belief, oh it’s not the right time too much on, business family life, thing is that never stops right, so I realized it’s about making space for what I truly desired

Yes! Your desires ARE SAFE beautiful women!

…a healthy body that felt peaceful and calm, that’s what I truly craved, and to find a way to love myself and feel confident as me in my feminine body 

So, I saw it all through new eyes, that it’ll only get better if I decide I am willing to change, to release control, to let go of the fear of ‘will it work’, and go all in, and to know, I can have it all happening at once, releasing the conditional living 

“I can have it when … happens”, then I’m worthy, I had this playing out for a long long time

No more, 

“I can have it all now, as I am worthy exactly as I am right here right now, I AM enough, as I AM”

Where do you need to release control, conditions, the unworthiness story, so to allow yourself the vision you dream in your heart to come alive now Beautiful? 

You are here to shine bright Soul SistAr!

love you! and Thank you for being here❤️

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