Where is your health holding you back?

It was my vision for myself my life our planet that kept me going, I knew had this powerful mission, powerful message to share

yet my health was holding me in stagnation land and inaction, which wasn’t serving me or our planet

My health held me back from knowing who I really was, from having more deeper connections, from loving myself, from taking action on my hearts desires in life/business, having the courage to express my truth

So I did something about it, even after trying so much and not seeing the results, I continued, REMEMBERING why I was doing all this

I did diet after diet 

I was eating healthy (well I thought I was)

I tried every supplement out there

I did the exercise regimes 

I was working on my mindset

I was detoxing (what I understood to be detox back then)

But still, I was uncomfortable, fed up, so tired, I didn’t feel connected to myself or even present in my body

So I kept going.

Until, one day, I was deeply inspired … to another way!

Shit, it shattered everything I THOUGHT I knew, it was like a massive de-clutter of all that information, all that stuff that just wasn’t working (you know!)

FINALLY, I felt the truth in it, it was different, back to the root of health, balance, pH, clearing the detox pathways 

I kept remembering to not let others opinions or fears get in my way, or the past, And to forge my path of freedom 


Eliminating acidic foods

Eating more raw

Drinking more sweet fresh juices 


Understanding real detox

Grounding a sustainable true health foundation (I could feel it, I could feel a whole next me being birthed through this process, my creativity & joy ACTIVATED)

Getting toxins out of my body: mucus, acid, parasites

What was birthed … FREEDOM in this body, stabilized emotions, happy balanced hormones, self-love, self-respect, self-acceptance, peace within myself, easy weight-loss — to a coming home to the true Self happy and at peace.

Body Awakening nutrition IS a key to unlocking that freedom that is inside you!

You are in charge!


Love you!