it’s never too big, if I can overcome auto-immune hypothyroid 2.5 stone excess weight (never to return!) social anxiety fear stress worry body shame pain sugar caffeine carb cravings alcohol sugar addictions – so can you!

I’m simply showing you, what IS possible for you.

the belief that you can never achieve the weight-loss body goal, is nonsense lovely, that’s just fear playing.

I was born to be fat, you definitely weren’t, the excess weight is a journey to coming home to your true Self.

we’re all given challenges that set us up to become our best self, you’ve got the weight thing going on, ok, so, now you know this 

see it as an opportunity, I know it does feel hard, I know it’s tough uncomfortable urgh in there at times or most of the time, all the time!

but know this, that weight CAN SHIFT, and for good, once a foundation is in place and you clear the detox pathways (it gets to be so much easier!)

It’s in my genes. it’s not, sure, it can look like that, but that’s not set, you can alter your genetic predisposition with detox plant nutrition, a cellular healing approach 

I know it can feel like you have so much weight to lose, you get easily disheartened, giving up creeps in…

I hear you. BUT, this is ONLY the case because the method diet lifestyle information that you’ve been following is not set on truth the root 

it’s been misleading all into endless circles of feeling stuck, wondering why nothing is working/lasting/sustaining 

So when you get to the root, to the cellular body, you clear clean reset regenerate heal for true health, from your power center (digestive system) 

YOU reclaim your clarity freedom

body Confidence body loves self-love and awaken to the true you, to fly your way on your terms.

Fully free from the fear worry of leaning on the medical industry for a solution they do not have for you, it’s detox it’s nutrition it’s alkalizing it’s cell clearing it’s emotional reset it’s a return to fully LIVING, and an end to just existing. 

It’s time for MAGIC in your body. 

Possibility. Lean into this. Lean into taking action from love NOT fear. Lean into your excitement. You can do it.