What is forgotten
Is what we feed ourselves
is feeding the creation
of our body
precious life.

the last 20 years of my life
has been an inquiry
into true health

from an eating disorder to emotional
eating to chronic anxiety to hypothyroid to autoimmune to chronic immune suppression … it has all been such a huge teacher! a gift.

Our struggles give us strength to find the truth, the truth of our freedom to thrive in this physical body

We can all choose to deeply believe

that we can heal
we can all do this,

right now
in this moment

the freedom the healing the body the bliss
the liberation the ease the peace

it’s all true, it’s all real, it’s all so real,
it’s more real than any struggle

that struggle is the stepping stone
to get us to vibrant health … it’s all part of the journey to our freedom.

The physical body has unwavering strength to it, you have that strength,

under nether all the toxins and waste the human body has accumulated,
lies vibrant vitality and inner-strength
our truest embodiment
of a healthy illuminated body

a detoxed digestive system
a clean lymphatic system
filtering kidneys
nurtured aligned endocrine glands (masters of immortality)

You have this power right now
You have the choice right now
You have the courageous heart right now

To choose what is for your highest
struggling no more
but rising to your liberation

Freedom in this physical body
is Your birthright

You get to choose freedom

I’m with you all the way,
and I know in my heart,
body freedom is waiting,
if you’re ready?

Always remember,
Your body can heal
We can all heal

Arianna x

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