‘I’m Not Getting Any Younger, Or AM I’…blasting aging away!

Something I very rarely ever talk about is age, I have a different view on it, a different paradigm 

But today, I want to share a perspective I have around this body, how to feel vital, vibrant, and embody true confidence in this body

Yesterday I turned 38 (in matrix 3D land), I took myself away to the ocean to bath in frangipani baths and be with the elements 

I was told I look 25, whatever that looks like, so my point here is that chronological age is misleading you, it’s a big fat lie

I abused my body a lot … but we have the power to flip the biological switch …

What’s real here is our biological age, how can I look and feel younger more vibrant more vital more energized sexy light clear alive now, then I did at 20?

Well… once I realized how important my body was to really living and loving myself and my life,

I got on with tending to my inner-garden and clearing out the weeds in my gut liver kidneys lymphatic system to resetting my hormones through cellular regeneration 

So, Is age trapping you? 

…doctor says;

“oh that’s what happens at your age”  – whatever 

“your hormones start deteriorating at 35” – BS

“you better hurry up and have babies you’re 32!” – fuck off

“I’m (age) now so just gotta deal with it” – a Lie

you have NOT, gotta just deal with it! It’s nonsense, spreading fear and doubt

your body can regenerate itself fully EVERY 7 years (if it gets what it needs and releases what it doesn’t need) so if that’s true, which it is, then really you’re never more than 7 (magic number!)

So, where has age caught you? 

live from this empowered place, where you direct your own life, your health hormones weight energy, this is the KEY…

You’re in charge, out there has been distracting, re-FOCUS, Go with-IN, game changes baby! 

Ready to UNLOCK your confident light happy Goddess body, cause she remembered who she REALLY IS NOW! 

Apply for your complimentary Body Breakthrough call today to get clear step by step clarity, understand why the weight isn’t shifting & how to get it shifted, For Good! Even if you think you’ve tried it all!

Arianna Health Goddess❤️