10 years ago my healthy was homemade bolognese and whole wheat pasta with lots of olive oil and grey salt, or homemade fish pie with white potato, miso and cheese, or brown bread buns with a veggie burger and avocado followed by a golden syrup buttery flapjack – I was totally obsessed with flapjacks for most of my teens and 20s, the buttery sweet comfort! my emotional escape.

My life at this point was chaos,
I was trying to find answers to so many questions, but nothing came, as I continued to eat to obstruct myself even further, living a lifestyle that numbed a big part of who I was

Even when I thought I was eating well and taking care of myself,
I was so far from the truth, but this was my journey to finding the absolute golden path of
body care
body liberation
body illumination

After a long deep journey into myself life and the human body as a vessel of my soul,
not as something we need to get attached to or over identity with (…and why so many are struggling in their bodies)

Repeat after me
I am not my symptoms
I am not my struggle
I am not the labels others give me
I am sacred divine and free
I can heal my body

Your body is simply a vessel for your soul to live out its mission, and for as long as food not designed for the human body goes in, alignment is interfered with, and our soul gives us symptoms to tell us it’s not happy and wants to be heard

an obstructed body
means an obstructed life
your soul can’t fully express itself,

🌈clear out the obstruction
🌈release your soul
🌈live your fullest expression.

I took some radical and bold moves to get to where I am,
I realized it wasn’t just about food
or just about breath or just another cellular detox or just about herbs or just about movement or just about expression,

I realized it was about ALL of this, and this is where I now go with myself and my clients

the way I think now, couldn’t be further from how I use to think 10 years ago, living in Bristol cooking my food to death and emotionally eating everything,

It’s not about a few tweaks to the food, home cooked or a balanced plate, or getting enough protein or fat …

it’s about transforming the way you use see and understand food- and from here you transform your relationship with food and your body

They say everything you need is inside you, I never quite got this,
it seemed a bit off my radar back then,
But now,
I get it more than ever, only when I cleared out my body at a cellular level could I fully understand this, because until then my whole life body, intuition was being interfered with by the toxic waste inside my body at cell level

my values have changed massively since 10 years ago,
my body
my health
I come first,
I tend to my body needs first to get myself in the most aligned in my joy centered space within,
and from here radiance ease grace and creativity unfolds.

To my former self I thank her deeply for her courage to never give up, to never give in, to see the positive and seek the truth and keep going no matter what anyone said,
I thank her for her desire to deeply understand who she is, and live her truth💎

I’m deeply grateful to myself and to those that I have crossed on this golden path to body-life liberation.

💕here’s to your body liberation💕

I’m as committed to your body liberation as much as I am my own, I know it’s possible, now it’s time for our highest truth, of absolute ecstasy in your body.

It’s inside waiting for you to unlock it,

there’s always more.

#unlockyourtruth #bodyliberation