I haven’t always been this fit and healthy, oh no, I use to party my butt off, stay up all night long, drink till it got light, and take illegal highs,

I use to be so ashamed of this, thinking what a mess I was, I made so many mistakes, who do I think I am preaching on about health with that past!

Let’s get really clear,
right now,
your past
define you!

I let this go and would never think this anymore, instead I think – Who am I not to be healthy vibrant looking and feeling my absolute shinning best 👸🏻

these mistakes have transformed into bringing sacred guidance and support to those who I’m here to serve, activating elevation and expansion to many

Your mistakes are not mistakes, they hold huge gifts, my mistakes we’re all part of the divine path, to unlocking my genius and gifts of physical (body) preservation, this is where my absolute genius is

when you step into the light in an even bigger way, they’ll always be people reminding you of your mistakes, trying to hold you back

this is a reminder to shine EVEN brighter,
to dig even deeper,
to focus on how YOU feel even MORE

🌈I stopped eating foods that stimulated my body into a false place of relief and got real with myself, I started to deeply listen to my precious body and heal
🌈I stopped making my life all about the next meal, what will I eat, using food as a celebration and emotional escape any chance I had
🌈I stopped blaming my body and made friends with it
🌈I stopped listening to the pessimists saying “you can’t heal” “it’s incurable” “you’re crazy”

Instead, I got so excited and full, on having a deep knowing in my heart and soul ALL health struggles can be healed, ALL,

The Proof :

💙I healed myself of autoimmune, hypothyroid, severe social anxiety, body pain, exhaustion, bloating, cravings huge list, weight fluctuations, food sensitivities huge list, major hair loss, low self-esteem, major toxicity… (which is what all these ‘labels’ and symptoms tell us, it’s all obstruction)

💙I’ve supported women worldwide to heal: severe stage 4 endometriosis, hypothyroid, emotional eating, low self-esteem/confidence, weight gain 4 stone to 4 stone light in 8 weeks, depression, tough menopause, brain fog, anxiety, from housebound to free in 7 days, shame, fear, stuck in thoughts to back in the body, glowing vibrant and youthful, craving free in 21 days, 5 years of lower back and hip pain healed in 6 days …it continues.

💙I found the juiciest ripest sweetest cherry on top, the absolute journey of illumination through using food as preservation, to the freest life ever in a body I love

It’s living your freest life in a body you adore and feel at peace in, where you get to be best friends with your body, care, love and nourish each other every step of the way.
She loves you.

Let’s love our bodies and see how powerful we are from a place of love to transform any health struggle into an opportunity to grow heal and shine even brighter

#shineyourbrightest #yourbodylovesyou