I received an email back from my illuminating food truths day 3 saying-
“not all families friends etc have been as accepting and supportive as yours! some people want to change but can’t because they want to please their partner, family, friends!”

Ok, firstly, it has not been easy one bit, my family friends and loved ones have not always supported me, quite the opposite!

I have had to go well against the grain and had to dig deep to find my inner strength many many times,

I remember as a young girl if I ate everything that was given to me I would be validated and made to feel like I was a good girl, AND if I didn’t,
I didn’t receive that love (validation became love, and to get this I had to please, so I ate it all)

I’ve been questioned, judged, frowned upon, called many horrible names and told I was crazy, stupid,
made to feel a total outcast,
made to feel I was doing something dreadfully wrong by eating differently
by taking care of myself,

You feel like you’re disrupting family meals, guilty for doing it YOUR way,
Your way is self-love, self-care
this is not wrong or bad,
this is truth
this is necessary 💕

Society has been brainwashed
and I’m here
to break through the brainwash

I’ve been in relationships where I was made to feel a fuss, dramatic, annoying, can’t you just be normal,
I’ve had huge arguments, near break ups because of my high values around food and what I put in my body since changing my lifestyle in a big way

It brings up so many insecurities for so many because we have such strong unhealthy attachments and beliefs to food,

It’s easy to hide behind it
It’s easy to just go with what everyone else is doing
It’s easy to just give in
It’s easier to please another than stand in your power
Yep, this was me!

Until I realized I was getting sick, holding myself back, giving into fear, giving into others, staying stuck to please another –
Who actually really wants to also feel vibrant and well themselves, they just have so much fear they want to pull you back with them, because this feels like the safe easy and comfortable option,

It’s not your fault
It’s not their fault

It’s fear of the unknown
It’s fear of uncertainty
It’s fear of change

I found the unknown to be liberation
I found uncertainty to be grace
I found change to be safe

It all comes back to love,

I had moments of giving in, and it made me feel like shit,
This stopped, because I decided,
I get to choose – as do you,
I stopped giving into all the fears of my loved ones,
pleasing people to make them feel comfortable (in breaking this you get to grow and so does the other person)

No it’s not been easy, but it never is when you’re going against 99% of the populations food beliefs (a topic so many get so defensive about, why?…)

You get to choose your dreams
You aren’t wrong or bad to choose your needs over another

Living to please sucked the life out of me…

Dare to do it differently, and reap your rewards:

🍑Change doesn’t happen if you keep telling the same stories making the same excuses pleasing everyone round you

🍑Using each other as an escape from what you know you need to do, blaming others gets us nowhere

🍑Doing what feels more comfortable and easy, instead of honoring your truth, by removing the cellular waste that’s obstructing your souls strength clarity purpose and truth *realness*

Remove the obstruction
All the chaos will fade away
Here you live your divine truth

I did a huge amount of healing around this, stripping away untruths and toxic layers, physically emotionally energetically
letting go of the illusion and others fears,

growth is everything
and change has to happen
for growth to happen
life is growth
if we stop changing
a part within us stops living

Living my truth is WAY more precious to me than living to fit in, or please another

So what’s the antidote? The treatment?

1. Communication, speaking from your heart
2. Knowing your needs
3. Speak your truth (however uncomfortable it feels)
4. Stop feeling like you have to explain yourself to everyone
5. Become an example of what’s possible
6. Be the Inspiration for another

You can’t please everyone, and you’re not here too,

Why do you need to be accepted by another to live your truth? if someone doesn’t accept me, it’s ok, as long as I accept myself, find peace here,

when my family started to see how much I was transforming, thriving, how well I was doing in so many areas of my life, some of their fears turned into curiosity, inspiration by my courageous actions, and now they’re beginning to make healthier shifts for themselves, or at least see a new perspective

By shining your light of change courage and inspiration,
allows for another to awaken and shine theirs,

Life is always changing
Nature shows us this
No change
No life

I’m here to ignite and awaken that in you, and you’re here to ignite and awaken that in another, we’re all part of this interconnected web of life
here to support and lift each other up,

the choice is always yours

do you stand up for your truth of liberation or give into someone else’s fears about their own insecurities?

It’s not about you
It’s about them
Don’t settle for another’s fears running your body and life dreams!

It’s time to stand strong on our truths

Awake in our hearts

in this together 💎

If you’ve built your eating habits round pleasing others – you know, doing what’s safe, doing what you *know* will make you feel loved instead of doing it differently and following your inner knowing thats calling you to heal and thrive, send me a PM. Let’s release this cycle and set you free ☺️