For the last 60 days I decided to post everyday, what has this taught me, I’ll reveal this in a moment,

Firstly though, this is not a challenge I set myself, because I knew I could do it, and this is now a way of life because I decided, like anything in life, you have to decide, decide you want it and why you want it, before it can happen,

For years I started things and never finished them, a long old journey with procrastination, and never completing things, and feeling like a failure because
I was just allowing stagnation to take over

This is crushing
Time consuming
Energy consuming

Makes you have moments where you’re like,
what am I doing!!

THEN you remember
You remember who you are
Why you’re here
And why feeling your fucking best in a body you love is so important

Because you KNOW
It doesn’t serve you
Support you
help you

NO none of this,
To be living less then what you are here for

Which is

I know you know that deep in your soul,

So why are you ignoring it Gorgeous?

So what have the last 60 days of showing up consistently for my biz, for you, and for myself, and expressing many truths taught me

The importance of showing up for yourself,
the importance of catching yourself talking yourself out of something you know you MUST do,
that actually can’t wait,
the importance of expressing your truth and being honest with how you feel,
the importance of feeling connected,
the importance of being consistent to get the results,

AND never stopping,

Because why would you stop,
only if the nutrition detoxification and healing hadn’t been done to the level required
to totally RESET your entire body,

THIS is where I go, live and BE from

Because it’s a part of you-

It’s who you are
It’s not separate
It’s not something you do occasionally


If you’re going to make real shifts
get permanent healing
lose that excess weight for good
feel total radiant hot and next level
and own your truth
of a fully alive thriving body-
where you get to express all that you are

THEN consistency is without a doubt
an absolute must
Without it nothing happens
Nothing ever gets off the ground
Your body needs you to be consistent
To be consistent for you!

Consistency is a powerful friend of yours, that creates magic and transformation


hormones finally get to heal
cells finally get to regenerate
DNA gets totally reset

You get a complete HEALTH UPGRADE

You get to finally live in the BODY you are here for AND embody your most VIBRANT frequency of pure magnetic illumination

As you remember of course-
I can heal my body
I can activate daily anti-ageing thats automatic and easy (REALLY)
I can shed what no longer serves me
I’m here for expansion
I can upgrade my body and health

‘God has given me limitless potential and possibility in my body’

So what do you decide?

So what’s next?

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to remember who you are and how you are here to feel and glow like the Illumination as the pearl that you are deeply connected to your body and alive at your core,
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It’s a rebirth of absolute Illumination,

a recoding of your hormones and DNA
a cellular awakening
a living liberation of body love
a life of ease as you come home to
your epic-ness
a grace of living in a body that feels soooo good

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