You have high values when it comes to your health💜

I lived so much of my life pleasing others, fearing I had done something wrong if I did it differently, feeling like a burden to others because I was different,
Being swayed this way and that way, because I didn’t do things by the books
or the rules or what others were telling me I should do,

This morning I received a message from someone very close saying, “I think you are getting too thin, how long are you going to keep eating just fruit”

They know I don’t just eat fruit,
but you will see what you want to see right,

You can eat a load of junk and no one questions you, as soon as you eat something healthy or to much of it (in their opinion)
you’ve committed a crime 😤😅

When your body changes,
those close to you will be triggered,

Others will often see what they want to see, instead of getting curious about something new – that’s getting epic results,

I’ve always been an optimist,
…never understood pessimistic people
…never understood those that constantly moaner or are negative

You don’t need to,
Just focus on your vision and get on with it,
be the inspirer,
the up lifter and awakener

Lets remember there is a huge difference between
thin and weak
and slim and strong,

the healthy human body
Is meant to be slim and strong

I remember as a kid when we would travel to Spain, I was very slim as a young girl, and everyone was always trying to feed you up, eat more you’ll waste away,
fear worry because you didn’t have enough weight on you

…this very mindset has lead us to an epidemic of obesity and food obsession and unhealthy eating habits,

deep in your sub-conscious you could be holding a belief that’s running your life ‘you must have fat on you to be accepted’,
and why so many struggle with losing it

because if you lose it

you won’t be accepted,

I take a stand for your freedom

You can lose the weight
Live in the body you dream about
Be vibrant fit and healthy
and be accepted,

Others limiting beliefs are theirs,
they are not yours

Step out of this limited frame and own what your are here for in your wondrous body

It’s safe to lose weight
It’s safe to be slim
It’s safe to be slim and strong
It’s safe to have the figure you desire

You are accepted if you lose weight

Accept your own body desires
Accept the freedom that awaits you
Accept the action that needs to be taken to get there




It’s like saying ‘having fat on you makes you healthier’

All fat is toxins

This is not healthy, this is what’s causing your pain

Slim toned bodies trigger so many people,

and why so many stop themselves experiencing this freedom of permanent healthy weight loss

You are worthy of your dream body

Your vision is different to mine and that’s Ok, but honour your vibrant vision

I live the way I do because I love it, I adore it, it deeply nourishes me and makes me feel amazing and keeps my body fit toned and flexible, and keeps me growing from the inside

As a professional in what I do and live,

I take huge care and safety,

I studied for 5 years under the educational system, to find out 90% of what I was taught was based on misinformation mistruths and others conditioning round the body and food

(what I do is connected to the Rhythms of nature, this can never be wrong, if done in tune with the natural rhythms)

Knowing what I put my body through from super young to 30, anorexia at 17, to drinking a lot, taking recreational drugs, working night shifts, taking the oral contraceptive pill for years and then getting the implant in my arm, to eating a lot of meat fish dairy breads spices grains, drinking a ton of green tea and lots of coffee, to feasting on butter fatty sugary pastries, and growing up in Devon I had a fair truck load of scones clotted cream and jam washed down with English tea, eating regular take away pizza and oily curries, suffering with severe anxiety, joint pain, brain fog, chaotic hormones, thyroid problems, major hair loss, infections, weight fluctuations …

It’s my responsibility to now heal and repair the damage that has been done,
…if you want to live a vibrant life in a body that feels effortless peaceful and liberated from within and live way-beyond the norm vibrant fit and healthy right through to old age – I do,
then you have to repair the damage now,

I’m doing the deepest repair work on my body, and I’m beginning to see very exciting shifts, as my body begins to fully rebuild itself

If you are to rebuild anything in life
You must first break it down to rebuild
This is what I’m doing with my body
And it feels wonderfully liberating

It feels like me the deepest self-love possible 💕

To know that you can totally reset every part of your body, if you are consistent and diligent with yourself
for me is one of the most deeply fulfilling and rewarding achievements ever

To me my body is my home
I want this home to be at its highest vibration

Society is so stuck on how to replace this vitamin that mineral the protein the fat

Don’t forget the intelligence of your body
It’s highly structured and conscious
When given the right foods and lifestyle
It will take exactly what it needs
It will get exactly what it needs – as detoxification becomes an integrated part of your life,

This has been life changing for me and my clients, to see how you can build this life that naturally incorporates everything you need to thrive,
its beautiful and so freeing

I feared my body for so long
Until I allowed myself to meet my body at a much deeper connection where I trusted and allowed whatever feeling emotion symptom to surface that needed to

When you are really healing your body
all that waste junk toxicity
has to resurface if you are to actually heal

otherwise we never fully heal or experience what we’re here for in this body
…and why the healing crisis is a very real thing,

Don’t be scared to feel your body heal
Don’t be afraid of others opinions
Don’t let another’s fears sway your knowingness
Don’t stop yourself from experiencing your bliss

I’ve not spent over a decade doing the most profound research trials training experimenting, being the proof,
to be told

You should do this
You should do that,

I deeply trust myself
and my body

Do you trust your body?
Do you trust yourself?

Today’s Love💕
Your health is so important to you, how you feel in your body is everything, no one can get in the way of this, taking aligned action is your frequency and you won’t stop till you’re living in a body that feels like pure joy and bliss,
you know it’s possible!!