I’ve just been chatting with my sister, it bought something up I am deeply passionate about, and that I have a big issue with!

People designing supplements who have no idea how the body works, they’ve seen a few results in their own body (that aren’t even true results, but suppression) and then put this absolute BS out to the world, and because it has a A lister behind the brand, people will buy it and get lead down another path where their body doesn’t heal, but you think it’s healing because the supplements give relief through suppression (symptoms being pushed deeper inside you!)

Im taking about Keto diet supplements, 75% fat!!!
fat = suppression
…and this is why people get result
(fake results that’s DO. NOT. Last)

This makes me so mad!!
Because it’s harming your body
not healing it!!
It’s disgusting behavior that cares for no one.
It’s BS!!!

This isn’t only dangerous, but these weight loss supplements I’m talking about are wrong, completely wrong,

they’re made on mistruths misinformation, and will do more harm and NO good,

People want a quick fix fast track to weight loss, well there isn’t one that is permanent,

it’s a lifestyle not a pill,

weight loss pills are adding to the toxicity and will not give the body what it requires to eliminate the waste thats causing the weight gain in the first place,
it’s adding waste onto waste!!!

Excess weight is simply too many toxins in the body, an over-taxed lymphatic system, blocked kidneys, a sluggishness digestive system and misaligned endocrine glands

What you must understand is that weight loss isn’t about just ridding your weight,

It’s essential to be safe around how it’s done and what’s used to eliminate the fat,

done incorrectly this will damage the organs tissues cells and DNA.

There are many stages to this process and it’s a focus on your inner organs i.e. Lymphatic, kidneys, endocrine glands and digestive tract,

weight loss diet pills focus on fast relief, which is never real relief, it gets your hopes up then flops as all the weight piles back on in a few weeks

You get no lifelong results, healing or shifts, back to square one, sound familiar!

So it depends what you want, fast weight loss that doesn’t stick and will hurt your body,
or to do it safely and properly in tune with how the human body functions,
so you can feel and look your absolute best and feel supported by a lifestyle that nourishes you,

No supplement is the answer to weight loss or health,
your lifestyle is,
the way you eat is,
cellular detoxification is,

You can keep on putting stuff in to take that short cut, which ends up being an even longer one, as you never get to where you want to get to,

or do it properly, and live your most radiant life in a body that’s truly vibrant healed and healthy,
a health very few get to experience,

You can take as many pills as you want, but they’ll never give you health,


💎Get a clean and pure plant lifestyle in place
💎Make detoxification an effortless part of your lifestyle
💎Use 100% natural botanicals specific to your systems needs to repair and regenerate
…and see your whole body, hormones and cellular health(life) transform to something you never thought imaginable

Here you’ll experience health beyond your wildest dreams

Don’t short cut your health,
your body and you deserve why more than that,

Make time for you and get the results you dream about when you the do the work that the body needs you to take responsibility for,
because you lead it to this place through misinformed actions and information,

no it’s not your fault, but now it’s your responsibility to care for your body

Now it’s time to unwind the mess and focus on your lifestyle, not a tub of pills, that’s wasting your time and money,

It’s your choice,

true health comes from mature action and application, not
‘I want it now give me a pill’
like a kid stamping their feet,

Get clear grounded advise from someone you trust and that’s getting the results you want,

Today’s Love: You’re wellbeing is worth way more than a pot of pills that’s taking you further way from the true radiant health you are here for💕