As a women who wants the best for herself and those around her, it’s easy to drop into people pleasing than stand strong in our truth
[Illuminating Food Truths Day 26]

I’ve been there.

🍕Eating to fit in and not make a fuss, as it makes you feel an outcast if you do (but you know the food doesn’t make you feel good inside, or out!)

🍇Having that glass of wine or 2 or 3 with your partner or friends is such a comfort, just takes the edge off things for an evening (but those dream body results are getting pushed further away)

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Family get togethers, you end up giving in because it’s a special occasion, which ends up happening many more times, with everyone telling you what you need to eat, you end up giving in (because it feels easy to just make an exception, they’ll just be some people that don’t get it – it’s all thrown off again and you get frustrated)

💏And if you’re in a restaurant and had a bad experience it makes you all uptight about speaking up, making sure the waiter is super clear on your high food values (or even bothering to asking at all, because it feels like to much attention on you making your weird requests; that are actually so not weird, it just triggers others insecurities as you deeply respect your body)

Sounds familiar?

For me, people pleasing meant respect
Respect meant validation,
Validation was ACCEPTANCE

It all stemmed from always trying to prove myself to my dad when I was younger

As an adult it became a way for me to feel accepted by others, but at the expense of not living in my truth and standing in my power

For the last 3 years, I’ve been deeply intentional about cultivating my truth and sovereignty, honouring what lights me up in my body and nourishing me deep at my core


I’ve decided to honour my choices my truth my decisions vs doing what makes others feel comfortable and un-triggered

How would this shift support you? Maybe you can do this too ☺️

💎Instead of focusing on what others are going to think say judge you on, I focus on how great I will feel by being true to myself, by speaking my truth and voicing what I want as I value my body and the way I feel in my body – in a big way!!

💎Instead of making others feel comfortable and you feel sluggish and bloated, I am certain in what I will put inside my body, because this feels uplifting and nourishing – I show my certainty through my love for my food choices and I emanate an empowered energy that inspires and up-lifts those around me (I am the light – You are the light)

💎Instead of hiding your high values, I shine mine out to the world and smile all the way, others will feel this energy, it’s exciting to stand strong in my truths, here you help not only yourself but those around you too

Reminder for today:

Standing strong in your truth and power doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or like you’re being to much,
‘oh here’s Miss fuss pot again’
or feel like you’re ruining meal time

Simply look at where in your life you’re playing down your truth your power your values because “you’re not worthy of it” “who am I to make such a fuss” (e.g. pleasing others) and instead trying to make everyone feel un-triggered, focus on what makes you feel uplifted inside (e.g. Making the highest food choices and being a guiding light for yourself and for others)

Do this
Own this
Shine your light of inspiration wherever you go and with whoever you’re with

Do it your way💃🏻🍇🔥

You’ll find yourself getting more and more confident and liberated at your choices, inspired to choose where and what you eat with great awareness, and you’ll feel so excited about the shifts you’re seeing not only in your physical body but also inside you, as you stand strong in your values, you no longer spend your days pleasing others and giving your energy and power (because you’re so dame clear of who you are and what you stand for, and what this requires of you around your health and lifestyle)

no ones getting in your way, but instead starting to ask you questions and follow your light even the ones that were calling you weird!🤣

thats what happens when you speak stand and honor your truth,

it allows others to step into theirs,

Be the light that you always have been💫