What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about weight loss and getting your dream body?
[Illuminating Food Truths Day 24]

…but will I be able to be consistent and keep it off, will I fail again…? (I remember feeling this way too)

My answer now: Ease and excitement 💆🏻(my perspective has changed greatly on this due to delving deeper than deep to get the truth on how to shed the weight and how to keep it off)

Here’s why:

👙If you want something to change you have to do things differently to what you are now, nothing changes unless you make the changes
👙Challenges are a core human need, they allow us to grow and expand into more of who you’re here to be
👙Problems are not a problem, they’re an opportunity to see a new perspective about what you’re letting slip and not giving your attention and focus to, focusing on weight brings more weight gain, whereas focusing your energy on the feelings you desire to feel will call in clarity and aligned action
👙consistency is activated from a place of doing the real work, by this I mean removing the cause the root that’s causing all the struggle in the first place- the toxicity, when you do this properly, then you will find you naturally become consistent, you’ll feel how good you’re here to feel and you wont want to go back to that past old struggle and drama!

or what You’re here for,

When I shifted into this new mentality around my body and many areas of my life, a strength was instilled at DNA level, to not back down on my dreams vision and mission,

A DNA upgrade, this is what happens when you remove what’s obstructing your next level

Are you really going to let that mind of yours all those thoughts fears doubts-that’s NOT even who you are,
to take your dream vision from you, to be stronger than you, to take your power away,
no no no Beauty,

You simply can’t
unless you’re happy to settle for less than you are HERE FOR

I believe you are here for greatness like I believed this for myself, if you value your health and you value your mission,
health will be a priority in your life,
it just has to be,
there’s no question about it!

You are either. IN . or . OUT .

Without your health there’s nothing but unnecessary struggle!

It’s just a story that weight loss is hard, once you get to a certain age,
oh it’s just how it is, you’re over 40 now you can’t expect a body like when you were 20!


if you’re doing the work to regenerate your body at its core,


…actually even better,

my body is now fitter more toned cellulite free and full of vitality, more now at 36 than at it was at 25!

It’s the biggest load of BS that you just have to deal with weight and body changes and accept that this is just how it is as you grow older!

I don’t believe this one bit,

I’ve seen proof of it not only in myself
(I’m getting physically and biologically younger not older – I believe in this for you too!)

A client of mine was told “you can’t have skin like that at 43 years old, because it was so bright, glowing, totally illuminated” her friends and strangers were like what are you doing?
Magical Body Awakening stuff😘

The body doesn’t have to age rapidly
AT ALL, I’ve found a way to slow aging down naturally, no surgery, face lifts, botox, chemical products (it’s not safe)
– natural is the way for lifelong lasting radiance and vitality, and it doesn’t add toxicity in to further obstruct the body like the rest!


All excess weight is the body aging more rapidly at a cellular level, but with the removal of obstruction and toxicity
on all levels of your being,
this doesn’t have to impact you at all,
and will not impact you if you act on your symptoms

Listen to your bodies voice she’s speaking to you daily
Ignoring your Body is like saying shut up to life, because you are life itself,

Remember how precious you are.

Make time
Make space
Make it a priority
Value your magnificence deeply
Be bold in your moves
You need you at your highest frequency

Are you ready now Beautiful.

Ari X