Only 10% human cells and 90% bacteria, this tells you so much, too just digest this, will awaken deep awareness of what it takes to heal your body

When I realized my gut was totally compromised and suffering in a big way, and causing me to feel awful
bloated heavy tried anxious foggy thyroid problems, and living disconnected
…I turned inward to understand more.

Gut health is everything
I can guarantee you your gut is involved in whatever is going on for your right now

It’s ALWAYS involved!

Your digestive tract has decades of stored backed-up waste, both in the GIT and the cells of your GIT, that must be removed for you to live symptom free and experience your true self

a damaged sick gut means a negatively impacted brain, hormones-endocrine glands, lymphatic and nervous system

I damaged my gut by eating heavy fatty oily salty foods, that slowed down everything, and stopped my body properly regenerating at a cellular level

…this created more acid, mucus, fungus and a home for parasites, which lead to further degeneration

…you can’t expect a vibrant body and mind if you’re eating acid !

…it’s time to let go of the mistruths and misinformation about needing so much of everything,
and come back to the truth of natures rhythms which shows you everything;

to fast when you’re sick
to adapt to change
to flow with what comes your way
to respect a new perspective
to get still and listen
to come together and receive support
to let go-shed what no longer serves you
to welcome in the new
to breath and believe- like that giant redwood it never struggles, because it knows that it’s here for vibrant wellness-
its in your DNA
to keep growing and expanding
to resist nothing, like the river, let go and let flow

the vital repair your body and you need, can only take place
in a specific internal environment that is free from foods that suppress your healing

And why food and cellular regeneration is so important
it supports the life of this environment
the life of you

it’s in the awakening that we’re 90% bacteria, and only 10% human cells,
…and why your gut is so incredibly important if you are to thrive in this body and live wide awake standing in your sovereignty

it takes cellular regeneration – detoxification – as a lifestyle,
that supports you fully.

Only when you heal your gut,
will the body heal itself,

This means understanding the microbiome and its connection to life around us

It’s absorbing and storing everything,

Your gut is the seat of your karma
it’s here you store all your habits patterns toxic waste on many levels of your being

all that junk that’s holding you back from living your healthiest life and truest self

What you think is healthy isn’t healthy,
I lived in this loop of confusion for years!

Healthy means nothing anymore,
the vibration of true health has been misunderstood,

very few are willing to do the work that’s necessary to get to this place of living free from attachments, pain, symptoms, comfort eating, or a stimulated life- to take the edge off – what can be the most blissful life, yet it’s being ruled by imbalances around your food, gut, hormones and societies pressure to keep you sick- believing very outdated teachings round the body

Healthy isn’t just living completely symptom free,

Health is living illuminated, connected, present, aware, conscious to the rhythms of life, our planet, and this only happens when we are living in tune with nature,
in a body that is clean

I couldn’t bare to think that we would miss out on experiencing a body that is
totally effortless, totally pure, totally free,
so I made sure I found out the truth for us all,

I turned my body and wellbeing around by deciding I didn’t want to live in fear of my own vessel anymore!
Enough was enough,
I was prepared to do what I needed to do,
I was done with my symptoms taking over my life and energy!

I did what I needed to do to heal, properly,

this required an alkaline body
a body that is unobstructed
a body that is free of chaos
a body that is light

🌿Eating to alkalize
🍇Eating to regenerate heal and remove obstruction (acid mucus fungus stones…)
🌈Eating to let the chaos go
Eating light to be the light



we have a gut-brain axis that is a vital channel of energy
to nourish nerves master glands
Our very blueprint
this is impacted,
unless the body is cleansed at a cellular level

Most are living a life of suppression,
but thinking they’re healthy,
this is not your fault,
But it is your responsibility

and we’re in this together, to heal and arise

This part of my healing journey taught me what it really takes to heal the gut and maintain this new state of wellness,
it taught me you can’t go back to the lifestyle that created it,
you have to make permanent changes if you want permanent freedom and healing,
…and this is exactly what I now guide my clients too, permanent body freedom,

You’ve been lead to believe that food toxic for the body is good for you,
attached to foods that drain your power that mess with your energy
and scatter your soul fragments

Obstruction in the gut
means obstructed thoughts habits patterns cravings
and dis-ease

You have to step up and own your crown if you’re going to heal at the level you deserve
At the level of your soul

Here you embody Illumination

Here you awaken the paradise within you,
that is you.

💕 Daily Love note 💌 Remember you are not here to struggle in your body, and that there is an easier way through, it’s a choice, everything you need to heal is available to you now.
Like the river, resist nothing, and you shall receive 💕