You’re feed by society for so long, telling you what to do, telling you how to eat how to live that you need vaccinations that you need to visit the doctor that’s you need meat, that if you’re not married with kids and bought your own house by 30,
there’s something wrong with you

I’m 36, I’m single, I have no children (I definitely want to be a mum though😘)
and have not bought a house yet,

so what … well for so long I felt not enough because I wasn’t living up to societies picture of the perfect life … The perfect life by society, putting pressure on you to conform to the structures,

On so many levels …

I decided to break these structures and to do it my way, the way that felt true to my soul, not another’s forced opinion on ‘how you should live, eat, grow’

I realized so much when I stepped back from the conformity, the rules …it’s meant to be done this way — who says?

Always one to do things differently, I never go by the books, I go by my soul and where I’m lead, because this is my truth,
it has to resonate, there has to be soul, there has to be an energy and connection

born free
born trusting
born connected to who you are

So what happened,

Your true different wild risk-taking free self has been crushed, diluted, held back …

and from here you forgot your truest self, you forgot how to trust yourself, to trust your body and it’s voice to trust
the YES’S from your heart …

She never puts herself second best
She never let’s her BS be bigger than her body dreams
She never allows her wellbeing to be neglected because life is busy
She never makes a drama,
she knows and she just gets on with her journey of expansion …

Time is there if you choose it to be

Discipline is there if you choose it to be

Consistency is there if you choose it to be

You can continue to give your power away to the BS, or you can honor your hearts voice that’s calling you to heal,

…you let the fear take over (it’s Ok to be afraid, but do it anyway ❤️)
the fear that stops your wings from flying soaring above all that is no longer yours

I decided I was IN all the way
decided and chose
to never allow for anything less
than my body dreams

… my lesson was thinking that I could get here doing the same old, following the rules,
the desires are already yours
but they’re at a different frequency
you have to change the radio station
and tune into a new resonance

Nothing happens in the land of comfort

you and structure
EVERYTHING happens in the quantum and beyond the physical realm

Where you get to –
Recode your entire body
Reset all your hormones
Rekindle your truest self
Reawaken more of your potential
Regenerate your commitment
Repair your discipline

Allowing your body to heal at its core cellular depths

AND ignite the catalyst within you that is set to transform and expand constantly – when you let it – allow it – BE it –

Living from a body that makes you most alive

Different is wonderful
Change is a necessity
Your truth is EVERYTHING

You get to choose your body

You get to choose your feelings

You get to create on your terms

Stop giving away your precious power to BS stories about not being enough
not feeling worthy – making your health second best,

You don’t get what you want by making it second best,
You get what you desire dream
by going all in
and doing what needs to be done

Here your paradise awakens
and everything comes home
peace is instilled

a gentle free alive nature is YOU

You don’t have to conform to succeed with your health, TOTALLY the opposite I’ve found to be true in my experience,

I’m living in the 1% of the 1%,
where you get to experience your body paradise, free from ALL rules and BS around health healing and your body

It’s exciting, it’s gentle, it Illumination, it’s liberation … it’s beyond this dimension …

What do you choose Beautiful?

Stand strong in your truth and live boldly knowing what is yours already

It’s time to unlock it 💎

The Body Awakening Ibiza