Since a teenager I was so curious about anti-aging, I would spend a fortune on skincare products- before I found about about the harmful affects of the toxic skincare industry (and now why I only use all organic natural stuff on my skin …what we put on our skin we should be able to eat 🥑)

I also spent a fortune on some creams to rid pigmentation, which it didn’t, and made my skin more sensitive,

If only someone had told me what I know now,

I would have stopped trying to heal my skin (body) from the outside and started doing what I had and needed to do to heal it from the inside,
which is the only place we can heal from.

it’s the only place you can find anything you REALLY need,

it always has been,

Everything is in YOU.

This is what I needed to hear;

🍉Your skin is your largest detox organ
☯️Your skin is your 3rd kidney
🌀Your skin is deeply connected to the health of your thyroid and lymphatic system
🍇If you focus on healing this from the inside by getting your elimination pathways clean, your digestion working optimally, and your bowels moving out years of stagnation, here your body will heal from the inside and your skin will heal on the outside.

By using;

🌿Nutrition (alkaline/mucus free/lean approach)
🌿Cellular regeneration
🌿Trusting the body knows best

Since I found this realness through my own research and by physically doing it, living it
never do I need or have to worry about my skin, or any other part of my body for that matter, EVER,

when you go to the root of the problem,
you heal yourself fully.

I believe so deeply in what is possible around healing the body, as living proof,
so are my clients, and so are so many that I know follow my work and are getting amazing results from what I share.

Stop waiting for the right time or day or month or year
(it’ll never come, the right time is now if your body is showing you talking to you speaking to you … in its language of feeling)

Your body needs you NOW

YOU need you NOW

Remember how precious you are. X.

Remember who you are . X.

PM me if you’re interested to find out more, let’s get you clarity on your best next steps to feeling super incredible in your amazing body!

PS. Today The Body Awakening Ibiza came out in British Vogue, feeling so excited and blessed to be getting this truth out to millions (watch this space, more to come with British Vogue!) British Vogue