Today I spoke with a man doing beyond incredible things in this world, and we spoke the micro-biome, cellular regeneration, forgotten body parts, reversing aging (naturally), eradicating all chronic dis-ease, extending life, the regeneration of our planet … and loads more,

This conversation made me realize I’ve unlocked the code to a life transforming journey that can literally take years, decades of the Body at a cellular level,
it’s an area I’ve mastered,

I tried so much detox, and the majority of what’s called detox out there is damaging the frequency of the word and your body

With the taboo that’s around detox, it has altered the way most look at it and accept it, or not –

Ive made this a MUST in my daily life,

I make sure my body gets at least 19 hours sometimes more of pure free time to detox everyday (…and I still eat 3 meals of totally delicious food- I feel satisfied, uplifted, clear grounded and centered!)

ONLY when obstruction is being moved out of the body, mucus acid fungus parasites … are coming out … is the body able to begin its regeneration process!

You can keep putting stuff in,
but until the waste is out,
nothing will change

this took me over a decade to really figure out and see, the #truth in it! this is it,

Once I took myself to this level,
and it’s not scary or gross (well yes it is a bit gross) but that’s part of you dealing with all the crap you’ve put in your body over the decades,

I mean, let’s get real now

this body was NEVER designed to be feed – processed chemical junk radiation medication stimulants or animals flesh or pus

it just simply wasn’t ever

BUT it has been
and why now the work has to be done
to reverse and heal this

AND why I never stop nourishing supporting and giving back to my body!

It’s a divine responsibility that we all have

Insight to help you here:

🌀the body can not heal itself unless the waste is being removed
🌀only can the body begin to heal when it’s given an alkaline environment inside
🌀it means showing up fully for your body and it’s needs
🌀adding ‘healthy’ stuff in doesn’t mean you’re healthy (I got lost here for a decade!!)
🌀detoxing 2 x a year will not give the body what it needs

So now what:

🌈key systems need support and healing here- lymphatic, endocrine, digestion and kidneys (when these are supported, THEN the body begins to heal)
🌈no-body can heal in an acid body, alkalinity comes from removing the waste and eating in alignment with the human body = easily digestible alkaline plant foods
🌈making a decision to take care of yourself every day – self-love is the revolution 💕YOU ARE WORTHY💕
🌈health is a frequency, not a food, and this frequency arises when the body is clean and unobstructed
🌈the body doesn’t take a holiday, it NEEDS to have optimally functioning elimination pathways daily,

…this is rare, so toxicity backs up over decades – and here dis-ease sets in – presenting as; weight gain, fatigue, depression, brain fog, skin issues, hair loss, anxiety, bloating, food cravings, thyroid imbalances, infertility, cancer …

But there’s a clear way through all this and it’s making the first step always, which is, to get nutrition in place
a foundation of foods that cleanse your body naturally and brush and eliminate the waste out, then comes the deeper cellular regeneration work and energy alignment

the work I do is beyond the norm,
firstly because I’m far from normal 🤣
and secondly because what I live and guide others through – works,

it’s not for everyone,

but it is for those who desire to show up for their body dreams and live their highest potential, whether that be as business owner, mentor, mum, writer, wife, female leader

its for women wanting more,
wanting to feel fulfilled
wanting crystal clear clarity
wanting relief that ‘You’ve got it!’
wanting liberation
wanting more ease
wanting the truth

you’ve arrived

are you ready now?