For decades I craved salt sugar alcohol chocolate and caffeine,
Now I don’t crave any of it anymore,

How did I do it?

💎I made my wellbeing way more important than a food attachment, taste or texture
💎I made my figure way more important than a croissant waffle or bar of chocolate
💎I made my hair and skin way more important then that glass of wine or cup of coffee (that I KNEW made me feel crappy, but I still continued for over a decade)
💎I made my energy way more important than take-out pizza and salt stimulation
💎I made my desire for real body liberation so strong a total non-negotiable like no one could mess with my vision, or ever get in my way (…and they sure tried, but my vision is was something I owned, it’s my dream, it’s my bliss, and no one will take it from me)
💎I made my WHY massive; I bet you’re wondering what my why is, it’s got me through so much struggle and pain with my body thoughts emotions and energetic state …

Today I’ll share this with you …

I decided to become my own hero,
so clear
so set
so like … I’m never backing down till it’s my reality, a sureness, a certainty,

I believed I could- and I did,

I longed to belong, I longed to feel like the true me, I longed to be accepted, I longed to be myself, I longed to feel at peace inside myself … and so I went on an adventure into myself,
and I didn’t stop until I found this,

from a young age I always knew deep inside me that vibrant next level body health wellbeing was my birthright,

why would you be born to suffer?

You’re not! you’re born free!
but so much information stored inside your cells is confusing things,


…it has always been a deep desire of mine, to feel look and be my most amazing self as the truest most radiant version of me,
…and to keep expanding on each version of myself

there’s always another level
there’s always more expansion
there’s always more of everything

we live in an abundant ever giving unlimited universe

I just made it done, and then did everything I needed to do to get here,
this wasn’t always easy, some very challenging times,
I got through everything that didn’t work for me, or last,
and discovered the grace of full body Illumination and liberation,

my vision my desire
MY – of course I deserve this and I give myself full permission to live it

from a young age I was always very active, a wild little Devonian unicorn spreading her magic and light,
yes I went through huge dark times, self-sabotage, massive procrastination, self-abandonment, self-hate, abusing my body with drink and drugs,

I got myself back on the path,
I saw through the chaos the junk the noise the drama the illusions of it all
and came back to the whispers of my heart guiding me home.

You are not broken

You don’t need fixing

In the depths of your blueprint

Your very DNA

You are golden
You are pure
You are born

The body becomes your trap
when it’s actually your escape to paradise
you are everything right now in this moment,
nothing is unreachable,
everything is possible,

If only you practise this – everyday – you transform your frequency to one of receiving and allowing your body desires in…

letting go of what’s not serving you – thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words, foods …

having faith – in your vision, it’s REAL

trusting – that it’s coming, it’s unfolding

trusting that you are always fully supported and taken care of,

You are never alone,

faith is something I struggled with for years, I use to go to after school church school, I couldn’t stand it, I never did the work book, I questioned it all, to me I never felt a connection to the church, but I did in nature
for me nature was my get away
my hangout my bliss my connection
to something much bigger than myself

It’s where I felt at home
It’s where I came back to myself

Where is it that you feel that connection to your bliss?
You are home now in your body, and it’s not going anywhere,
I DECIDED, this is where I’m living,

so I’m going to make this Body
my nature my get away my hangout my bliss my connection

and here I dropped into the utter grace of Who I Am

and this is where you get to drop into the utter grace of Who You Are

all of it
it’s all inside you
theres no where else to go
to escape
food is no escape
because it doesn’t last
it just pulls you down even deeper
till you’re thick in it and can’t get out …




everything is a choice
you are choosing this

So what else do you want to choose?

How did I do it …I DECIDED!

It was as simple as that,
I decided I wouldn’t accept anything less than being in the MOST OUTSTANDING health of my life.

Living in a body I adore and respect.

I did not stop-
Being my own experiment, studying, researching, testing stuff out,
being the proof!

Are you ready to show up for your body desires and live your dreams?

Today’s loving💕reminder:
Life doesn’t wait. You need to catch up.
It’s up to you. Waiting for what. The time is now. Your life is now. Your body desires are now. Everything is happening now.
Be that women now who shows up for her body dreams and lives her birthright of ecstatic health.