Detoxification transformed my life,

its here the key to your body and life paradise awaits your arrival 🗝🌈💎

End of last year I wrote a post titled
FUCK OFF DETOX IS A SCAM, you can read it here after –

the comments inspired me 😅

“Of course detox is a scam made up by nut jobs”

“You have this detox unit called a liver”

generally we don’t like our life being questioned do we? not really, ever, but if you want transformation then the defense, ignorance and lack of core understanding on this topic has to be dropped!

So, the liver – your body, it was never ever designed to cope with this level of toxicity and abuse through food, alcohol, drugs, other stimulants, environmental toxins, medication, synthetic supplementation, processed junk, mobile phones, and NOW 5G’s on its way!!!!!!

this ALL means detoxification is a must as a part of living, daily,
if we’re going to protect ourselves
from this human experiment.

Your. Body. Needs. Your. Support.

PLUS- the majority of livers are far from functioning optimally, barely even functioning- your body shows you this by exhaustion, nausea, bloating, weight gain, tiredness, sensitive to chemical smells, itching, jaundice, abdominal pain upper right, skin problems (and you don’t have to have them all)

And why
CELLULAR detoxification (regeneration)
if our bodies are to thrive at their optimum,

So here’s the thing, detox has been made into a total scam with detox supplements, pills, shakes, teas – a lady recently joined one of my programs and shared with me how she bought some detox tea and it destroyed her body and made her even sicker,

THIS 👆🏻is why we don’t mess around with any products natural or chemical, nature and chemistry has power,
we must be clear on what we’re doing,
how we’re administering it,
and FIRSTLY what is going on inside you,
please be safe,
there is a whole load of toxic junk out there set to ruin your body, seek expert advice (you can PM me any questions you have)

There are a few us doing this detoxification journey on a whole other level, a level where we treat the body with respect, understanding, love, care, gentleness

to bring it back to its naturally state of utter divine bliss, but this detox I’m talking about is very rare,
it’s where you shed it all
and return to your truest self,
you release your souls expression
and stand illuminated in your sovereignty

The word detox has been hugely over used manipulated
messed with by ignorance,

let’s change it for cellular regeneration,
this is the answer to your body prays.
It’s real.
It’s liberation.

I’m not here to please everyone,
I’m here to speak my truth and share my message with those people seeking the truth seeking and what’s BEYOND the hype,

here we unify and heal together

I suggest you have a read of the post here if this is a topic of interest –

I would love to here your questions around this, and your own experiences with detox,

A detox is not a about what you put in, of course that is key, but the main point, is what you get out of your body on all levels of your being. Here is a real detox. At cell level.

To think we never need to detox, or that it’s made up my 🥜jobs 🤣or that the struggling liver can cope, is pure 3D BS,

Let’s step away from this illusion of fearing to go within our bodies

AND DO THE WORK that must be done
not needs to be

It’s essential for our evolution.

It’s essential to live in truth.

Arianna X