It’s about what does work, not what ‘should’ work.

My past ignorant beliefs on what I thought should work, held me back from diving into the unknown and really finding what does work,
Thankfully I passed my conditioning fear and doubts, and made it to the other side🌈because I didn’t stop – until truth was revealed by living proof!

It’s ok to have tried so many ways and STILL not be satisfied, and want more,

You know you deserve more, and this is your inner exalted queen standing strong in her truth,

your why and your vision is too fucking big to not take the action on the part of your life that’s holding you back- your health, wellbeing, energy, weight gain, brain fog, body confidence, back-hip pain

You know how important health excellence is in your life and it’s one of your top values

BUT you wonder why you keep doing the work, the healing, you get some results,
but it rarely lasts?

Taking no risk is the risk.
It’s a human need,
we must take risks.
they awaken us.

Resistance shows up because the body and sub-conscious knows something bigs about to happen,
so you’re all in, keen, excited,
then suddenly you take a back seat

Be aware of this happening
it’s your old brain wanting to keep you safe
when you’re more than safe

but it’s not familiar
so it brings up fears

The human body
is incapable of dishonesty.
You inhabit the sacred temple.
Your body.
You are the living laboratory.
Your experience will be your experience.
You must learn to trust again.

Everyone has a different healing journey,
many never even bother
because it feels like to much work,
that’s up to you to believe that,

it’s as hard as you think it will be,
it’s as easy as you think it will be too,

what I’ve found on my own decade plus journey of healing my body and the path to full body regeneration and liberation-

Is This,

Every-body has been suppressed in some way, (I was for years)
where we suppress those symptoms feels emotions longings desires
they bubble deep deep down inside you, creating a crater within you
an empty void of darkness pain disconnection,
feeling like an outcast
you lose hope
you don’t trust yourself,
the fear freezes you,

You may want even to retreat, to go back to that old body. Stay where you are.
A sick body, it’s your familiar.
BUT its not your truth.

It takes a purification process to experience life long bliss.

It’s about long term results not quick fixes,
as you know quick fixes don’t stick round for long.

We literally shed our skin and grow the equivalent of all new skin every twenty-five to thirty days.
And it’s now time to shed those stagnant cells, your whole body is constantly shedding, but if it’s not being supported in the way necessary to eliminate that old waste,
that old layer of you,

then you keep recirculating the toxicity,
the stuck you, and you stay stuck

So many say – yeah you just need to eat more protein you’ll be fine, or take vitamin D, C, B, this will sort you out, our get more sleep or drink more water or exercise more!!!

Yes some of this is valid, but it’s also so out of date,

This is over and done with!

The TRUTH is, it takes a different path than the above, and to be totally transparent,

Most of the above will suppress the body
not give it the environment it needs to heal itself –
or give you the freedom you desire and deserve

It just doesn’t cut it, you’re a vessel of divine sacred creation, which means there’s way more to it

Are you ready to do the real work that will give you the long term results not the quick fix?

Yes, Ok then Beautiful, this needs a focus,

🔥as long as your digestive system is being put under pressure with the foods excess weight, stress and supplements, it can’t catch up or heal itself – take the pressure off –

🌯as long as acidic foods keeping going in the body it will never have the right conditions to repair itself where it needs to

🍳as long as fatty protein sulfur rich toxic dense foods unknown to the human specie keep being added into the mix, no cell tissue or organ can ever regenerate

(without regeneration there is no new life)

☕️as long as stimulating foods are given in to and craved and eaten and drank the endocrine glands (your master glandular system – energy system – your connection to higher consciousness) will disfunction and create further imbalance and internal hormonal chaos

What it takes to heal your systems- this can only happen in an alkaline, mucus free, magnetic, toxin free, the fungus and parasites you don’t want living in side you, unobstructed inner environment

the body will not heal in an acidic state
it simply can not

(don’t worry, you haven’t tried everything, there is more, and there is a path to clear blissful body liberation)

AND here you get to experience the long term bliss you’ve been seeking for years, even decades

Yes, It is real.

Only when you remove the obstruction then can the body heal itself

It takes-
Clear Elimination pathways

I tried it all too, and until I went to this level,
I realized what I had been missing, this is the secret that unlocks the paradise within you 🌈🗝👙

You’re not here to feel Ok fine even good

You’re here to feel ecstatically amazing alive free connected present at home in your beautiful body and at peace in your thoughts

For as long as you limit what’s possible for your body in your beliefs, thoughts, past results, past experiences – you put up a brick wall between you now and where you want to be,

Here’s what I ask you to do:

Today, knock this wall down🔨
knock down the entire brick wall
👁see it in your minds eye,
or get up and act it out,
I’m serious, do it now,
step forth over that wall to the other side where you see yourself living a life of freedom in your body
where you trust and let go

See your absolute magnificence
happy energized peaceful
in your sacred body 👗🌸

THIS is your truth.

All of you
Shining so bright

You precious
moon child

It’s time now…


Your body paradise

Live your heaven on earth

She’s within you

waiting to be released

Ari X


Today’s loving💕reminder: there’s always another way if you’re willing to shift your perspective and open up to the unlimited potential that awaits you on your healing journey, it’s not mainstream, it’s way beyond.