I kept telling myself I’m ok, fine, not to bad, even though inside I was exhausted, afraid, fearful, lost, unsure and lacking in self-confidence (this was me through my teens and 20s)

As a young girl I was slim, until my early 20’s where I gained about 3 stone, the weight gain came from
not feeling, building structures, trying to protect myself, living unexpressed, holding onto anger. and resistance to forgive myself.

I was always made out to be the strong one, the one that gets on with things and gets stuff done, so everything must be fine, she’s good

The truth is, my friends.

💎Sure I’m a doer and I get stuff done and make shit happen and don’t give up
🌀In fact, my dad always expected more, whatever I did was never enough
👼Sure, I healed myself from many chronic degenerative imbalances, but a failed many times, and still kept going and kept investing in myself
🤓Sure, I’m far from conventional and have a totally unorthodox approach to healing the body, after spending over a decade searching seeking and un-coding the truth, I was persistent
🌈Sure, I now live in the best Health of my life, zero symptoms, zero attachments to food, zero stimulants controlling my life, but it didn’t happen over night or by saying my affirmations, I did the real work

Because everyone always told me
‘you look good’, I made this a cover up for how I was really feeling

From here,
I pushed how I was feeling to one side, making my worries, fears not worthy of being witnessed, heard or seen,

I pushed this down with;
🍫Emotional eating and drinking
☕️Picking myself up with daily stimulating foods i.e. coffee, green tea, sugar, chocolate, almond croissants, wine, spirits, ice cream, bread & butter, puddings, beef burgers in bread with lots of spice and sauce,
😀Always smiling to cover up how I was really feeling
🏃🏻‍♀️Rushing around everywhere so I never had to sit with my unease
🙇🏼‍♀️Internalising my pain to not be made out to be making a fuss about my feelings, which shut down my expression

I have set myself free from all the above👆🏻

THIS is freedom, they talk about freedom being making so much money, having a business to travel with, living your purpose, and totally, this is amazing, I’m all for this, but if your life is still being run by stimulating foods, pushing down your true feelings, never finding your stillness, and internalising your pain, and pretending you feel great in your body,
then we’re not free,

I ended up hiding my true self (this felt safer), telling myself everything was fine (when it clearly wasn’t) and kept using stimulating foods to keep me going (which meant, I didn’t have to feel)

The moment I decided to own it all and get real with myself and stop hiding behind denial and food, was when I finally started to get results with my health and live in a body I love.

👗I stopped listening to others options about health, as only you know how you feel and how you want to feel, it’s your vision, not theirs
👙I stopped hiding behind stimulating foods and started to see these foods for what they really are, an escape, suppression, a distraction from getting my dream body results and living liberated
👯I stopped pretending I was ok and being lead by my conditioned beliefs, and asked for help and did things differently

we must stop telling ourselves we have so much time and putting life on hold, because we really don’t, it’s time to get real, show up and live liberated
…and to live free from all the false hype and BS round health

Today’s loving💕reminder:
Dare to trust yourself, move forward with faith, we are born to take risks, it’s one of our needs as a human, and when we don’t, we stay stagnant and in our heads, where nothing happens, you put your life on hold for what – the right time, when the universe is bringing life to you, life is happening for you not to you, we must see between the lines and move with boldness into even more of the greatness that you are.

🔥Be bold and be you🔥