Stop trying to fit in.

Throughout my whole life I’ve always been different around food, I always felt there was so much more too it,
through an eating disorder, to emotional
eating, to eating curly greasy chips covered in cheese with pints of beer (I know, you probably can’t believe that now, yep I use to drink pints🍺Oh how I’ve changed-PHEW😅) to feeling the peer pressure to fit in so eating foods to fit in, to going through all the diets searching for the truth, to way off the scale, and against everything that the health industry says about obtaining vibrant health and living off 80% fruit.

Having been on this healing journey for well over a decade now, I realized if I want to thrive in my body, to feel my absolute best, to shine bright, to heal all my symptoms and to live my birthright of freedom and come home to my true self in full acceptance of who I am and why I’m here,

I had to let go of the fear of what will others think of me-
‘oh she’s off again with her wacky stuff’, ‘hahahah she thinks you can heal anything’,
‘you’re a maverick’,
‘your lying to people’,
‘you should know better Arianna’ –

yep I’ve had all of this from old friends, cousins, and people who follow my work,

one of the most powerful things I heard that activated a deep awakening inside me (whilst working in a quantum centre where I trained in the timewaver frequency and deep blueprint recoding), was this-

“If you want transformation, you can’t worry what others think of you”

this changed my whole perspective on life and my healing journey forever, I’m here to keep expanding, it’s huge part within my genetic life’s work – without growth there’s nothing to me,

AND from here my journey really began, when I started to question everything, asking questions is so powerful, questioning it all,

So who do you think you are wanting to be so radiant happy and healthy?

(How about this)
Who are you not to think this?
Who are you not to want this for yourself?

It’s not selfish to want to feel and look your best
it’s a necessity 💕

Society has forgotten who they are
forgotten how powerful and sacred they are
those dreams thoughts visions you have are all real and all possible

So I followed my desires to live my healthiest life in a body I love and feel
confident in. And I got so much more.

Not only to do I get to support women round the world with their body dreams and life visions, but my determination and strength got me to decoding and recoding the truth round nutrition detox and true health,
I found out what it Really takes to live a life of illumination and body potential, and it’s way off what’s being plugged by most out there,

Let’s stop a suppressed life

Let’s live an awakened life

You are never too much, be even more, awaken even more, shine even more, heal even more, love yourself even more,
THIS is what we need.

Empowered beings standing in their truth of liberation,

and it all starts inside your body.

#beingyou #beevenmore