I grew up with a dad as a chef and a mum who baked amazing cakes (me and my sisters would lick the raw mixture out of the bowl😝)

Food was a big deal in the Auñón household, whilst eating one meal, we were all talking about the next

Food was
a big attachment 🥖🧀
an emotional escape🍰
something to pick-me-up🌶🍷☕️🍩
something to fill the void (instead of feeling and expressing)🥂🍪🍫🍕
pushing down words, desires, dreams (ignoring my hearts yearnings)🍔🍗🍟

My dad made huge impact on me around food as a child, water was the drink of life and water became my safety bottle, when I didn’t have a bottle of water with me I would feel anxious and stressed,
AND big cooked stews, pies, lasagnes, bolognese, roast dinner, cooked breakfast, milky sugary porridge, huge plates of grains/pasta, BBQ’s, desserts
was my image of healthy eating,

homemade meant health to me for SO long, “oh I eat healthy it’s all homemade”
(I now know this is not true) homemade can still mean meat, eggs, oil, salt, heavy fatty sugary – just because it’s homemade doesn’t mean it’s healthy (this BURST my bubble big time!)

What I came to discover is that so much cooked food is very stimulating, and totally unsatisfying -I remember always being hungry and tired,
this lead to a breakdown in my hormones, gaining weight, feeling exhausted, anxious, stressed…then hypothyroid, autoimmune, mild depression, hiding myself (forget the label’s, it all comes down to cellular and digestive obstruction/toxicity/imbalance)
from the foods we eat 🍫🍷🍕🧀🥜🍝

I had such a deep rooted belief that I needed water, that if I didn’t drink enough I would dehydrate, age and even die!(that was how big a deal water was made out to be)

“Everything in moderation Arianna”
(moderation in my life meant a lot)
I remember hearing this over and over, and I love my Dad for this, because this ignited a powerful curiosity within me around food,

Moderation is not a word I ever use, most don’t even know what moderation is (I sure didn’t) and moderation of animal products, dairy, stimulants, processed foods didn’t help me, it just kept me suppressed and stimulated and stuck in toxic food cycles, habits, patterns

I haven’t drank water for 4 months
I fully broke the pathway, I realized that water never made me feel really hydrated, and when you have something to compare it with, i.e. hydration through high water content fruits, veggies and juices, the feeling is profoundly different (the only reason water makes us feel better is it dilutes the acidic environment inside us, it doesn’t hydrate us – which is the whole point)The Water Myth 🔥💧

Cooked food is only 5% of my life now, and I feel a great detachment from foods that don’t lift me up (for so long I would given in again and again)

I’ve seen how these conditionings I took on as truth kept me stuck with my health and body for years, because I thought it was all written in stone- I must drink water, I must eat cooked foods, I need meat, I need eggs, I need pulses …

what’s key, is to not get stuck in others conditions around food (everyone thinks they’re an expert on health, when in truth, very few have ever experienced what true health really is)

I decided to challenge all my beliefs, challenging the food ate, how I was told to eat and what I was told I needed to eat to be fit, healthy and strong!?!

This journey has lead me to doing things very differently when it comes to my work in the world, it’s about simplicity, natures rhythms, the truth of our specie, it’s about highly structured water, it’s about living food that the body understands, that shares its intelligence, beauty and highly organised structures –

🍇what we eat – we become – it conscious – or not 💎

There’s many reasons why you eat the food you do, and when you decide to get in tune with those reasons, it awakens a whole new consciousness,

Freedom comes when you’re no longer attached to foods for their comfort, their stimulation, their escape, their salty, sweet, sour … – when this is healed,

body vitality and life liberation awakens
in a big way and a very beautiful way too

Today’s loving💕reminder: Challenge your beliefs around food, are they really serving you to be your healthiest and most vibrant? Or are you just eating the foods because somewhere between childhood and now you had it drummed into you you need meat dairy eggs grains high fat high protein moderation – to be healthy?

Food is a deeply empowering journey when we challenge our beliefs around it, be the proof, instead of taking what a book or someone says as truth (95% nutrition/food/health books are based on conditioned beliefs, and not actually how the human body functions and what it needs)

***and why when I get my book out, it will be beyond anything ever written about food nutrition the body and health🔥🔥)

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