IF YOUR EXCESS WEIGHT ISN’T SHIFTING, some clarity for you …

We get told we gain weight because we eat the wrong the foods or don’t exercise enough or it’s just how you are or you’ve got a low thyroid here’s your medication

Sound familiar?

Yes you could be eating the wrong foods
Maybe there could be more movement
NO it’s not just how you are, the genes we are born with do not have to be the genes you live with, you have control over the outcome
Yes your thyroid could definitely be low

(20 millions Americas have some form of thyroid disease and 60% of them are unaware)

The thyroid is our centre for collecting data, imagine this, it’s the central point from which your entire body functions from, this is how important it is,

It …
– produces life giving hormones
– Regulates the bodies metabolic rate heart and digestive function
– Regulates muscle control brain development mood and bone maintenance

which means … if this is all thrown off …
– weight gain or stuck weight is very likely for most
– a tough menopause is likely
– you can get bloated often
– you can experience heart palpitations and SOB
– you can feel weak in your muscles throughout your body
– forgetfulness brain fog anxiety depression are all very common
– low mood PMS and weak bones are likely

and then …
– the throat area feels heavy
– It’s hard to speak up for yourself speak your truth
– you lose faith
– you feel a block in your creativity
– Communication suffers
– you feel a disconnection to your body
– low self-esteem shows up
– your authentic self feels suppressed

So the thyroid gland is so precious and important just like all our glands and organs are,

Understanding your endocrine gland weakness’s is essential, it involves working with the kidneys lymphatic system and digestive system to heal this imbalance,

Mucus-free-lean plant nutrition is key and a transition through the cellular detox process
using fruits to cleanse the body and veggies and greens to eliminate, with some other mucus-lean foods

toxicity is always causing our imbalances
and when the toxicity is removed
the body can heal itself

no longer is the stuff blocking YOUR healing power

Healing our thyroid
Means we have to heal
our voice
our expression

We deepen our connection to ourself
We trust more
We have clearer communication
We make healthy food choices
We have clearer energy channels
We have clearer creativity

Your thyroid is your birthing canal for your creativity into life, it’s an essential organ to heal to get our purpose out in a much bigger, and clearer way

When we heal the thyroid
you come home to yourself
on so many levels
relationships heal
your body heals
life heals💙

If you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroid or are struggling with your weight and have tried so much, but still you aren’t feeling any better, and you would like some guidance and support here, PM me and we can explore this together.

Arianna x

What If You Just Decided?

Your dream you desire you want
you need, and this is your truth yes indeed
but what is it
and when will it be….

You’re told to fear your feelings
Your body and emotions
Feared that if you express them it
It’ll just be to much
You’ll be to much
to much for those around you to cope or deal with
So you crush your our existence to please another

And we’re talking about all ages here,
it’s art of the journey to embrace go inspire to show up and to be bold and courageous

THIS instillation – strength

What if you just decided?
Decided the weight loss
Decided the exhaustion
Decided the sluggishness
Decided the anxiety
Decided the bad food habits
Decided the toxic patterns
Decided the brain fog
Decided the body pain
a thing of the past

NOW I hear, but Arianna, I feel like shit, and this sounds totally irrational to believe, and here’s the exact point,
you have to
BELIEVE it’s possible for you
before going for what you want desire dream about
AND it’s here that action is taken
Because YOU do believe it’s possible for you,
So you do go all in,
You do make
the next best step for yourself,

You do get it-
That the only reason your hormones emotions energy body alignment
is off right now
is because you’re going sideways
and not fully believing
it’s here for you

It’s here for you already
Quantum talk now
It’s done
Everything’s done
And you can access it right now

Belief and biology
are one powerful combination
and it’s activation profound
at your core
and awakening in your heart
and liberating in your soul

When you get REAL with the internal
Chaos and obstruction that is the only thing holding you in this place of darkness and struggle in your body

BUT the body wants to heal
It wants you to be well
It wants you to thrive
It wants you to awaken into the magic that’s inside you right now in this moment


BUT you have to do it – the work
Make the move
Step forward
Quantum leap even
Whatever it is you want desire and dream about is of course obtainable

the past is over
the future is done
the present
your gift your awakening your cellular awakening your body rekindling
your DNA deep activation
your hormones alignment your effortless weight loss your installation of boundless energy your healthy eating habits your clarity and joy
is here now
Because everything is here now for you


You are free in this moment to choose and decide the way you feel
On to – the struggle – is The ego
Be free

stop the chaos of excuses and waiting waiting waiting
Waiting for what exactly
If it’s not time now
It will never be time

Show up for your dreams Body desires, show your worthiness to you and your caressing of love to nurture you
nurture your existence nurture yourself with pure love and devotion to be here right now for YOU

the family
the kids
the business
the travel
Yes it’s all apart of life, but this doesn’t mean YOU get put on hold because of it, life and health is one,
your wellbeing is your core beingness
And doesn’t get switched off if you have family kids business or travel stuff

It’s building the muscle the habit the focus to integrate the magic into your life so you effortless BREATH wellness being

we will always be able to find one, the question is, will you see past it
and awaken to the new realm
of flow and now able to fit it all in

You make priority what you value,
if health is missed and other areas put first,
YOU suffer more,
You don’t allow this because you know how important you are and how your health is vital for your mission showing up and healing

So finally.
You come home
You drop into the NOW.
Where you see feel know it’s available for you right now.
Vibrant aligned liberated and clear.

No longer do you see the urgh-ness

You feel the ahhhhhhhhh …..

The body feels you and hears you
The hormones reset
The DNA re-awakens
The cells regenerate
The brain rewires itself
The digestive tract rejuvenates
The master glands re-code themselves
The kidneys re-charge
The lymphatic system RESETS

Here you are
Free at last
To eat and feel liberated
To smile and feel confident
To shine and glow
To express and radiate
To be your truth
Live your birthright

And awaken every piece of your cellular microbial consciousness and live your heaven on earth


Ready Beautiful vibrant soul,
to come home to your pleasure
of being in a vibrant body and free mind and aligned energized YOU?

Arianna X
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