this WEIGHT-LOSS journey can be so bloody annoying really, you can end up feeling so impatient with it all, why all this effort and no results

remember — IF SHE CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT. positive change is possible!

Daniella came to me seeking a different way, she had already tried so much, that didn’t work…

she had been taking the oral contraceptive pill for 25 years, had tried many diets exercise supplements, but she still didn’t feel good in her body, was uncomfortable, lacking confidence

she was asking; how can I eat healthily and still not feel good? what am I missing? why does it feel so hard to get the weight loss I want?

after years of battling hormonal ups and downs, weight gain, lack of self-esteem, emotional ups and downs, trying to get a grip on real health 

enough was enough, finally, she heard something that ‘just made sense’ the ‘cellular’ why I talk about here at The Body Awakening Reset — she was ready for a total reset, it all aligned for her, a new beginning

having gained 13pounds of excess weight in the last year, and it does not shift one bit whilst eating ‘healthy’ exercising and taking extra vitamins, it called for a change in direction

Leaving it any longer was not an option, she knew her body was calling for action now, she was not going to end up in hospital under a knife or on more medication, she was ready for real support!

done with logging calories and all the food she ate, reducing carbs, no change 

when Daniella heard me talk about the cellular approach on an expert podcast interview, something clicked for her, finally, something rang true to her soul

she knew she had to book that Body Breakthrough call, so she did

Our cellular method allowed a new sense of possibility to awaken in her, I can do this energy!

she lost all 13Ibs of weight easily, got off decades of toxic oral contraceptive pill and is now at peace with her body, wearing what she loves, feeling sexy in her underwear even naked, happy, lean, and she also loves her new sense of confidence in her feminine body 

Ready for an easier way that works and is truly healthy for you?️

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You CAN do it❤️