I remember so clearly going into the doctors surgery 5 years ago to explain to the doctor how I was feeling

I received my thyroid blood test results saying I had low thyroid function (hypothyroid)

I was offered medication, I said I didn’t want to take medication because I knew it wasn’t going to heal what was going on inside me,
it was only going to put a bandaid on it and mask the healing that I needed to do

I was quite shocked, the doctor said,
“you can try nutrition”, WOW! yay! and yes, this is exactly what I went off and delved deep into

But then he said, “if it’s still low when you come back, you’ll need medication”
so I decided, I won’t be coming back
because I’m going to heal it
and I did!

the body only gives us these symptoms to say “I’m obstructed inside” “detox me properly please” “at cell level”

But we go to modern medicine and get a label put on them,

the thyroid – all endocrine glands digestion kidneys lymphatic system are obstructed with toxicity, medication, acidic foods- animal products stimulants oils processed foods = more toxicity

So what did I find learn and discover,
that the nutrition is a huge part of it, but not just eating ‘healthy’ because this ‘eating healthy’ statement has been totally misused,

It wasn’t about the amount of protein fat vitamins and minerals I was getting … it was about removing the root cause to all the thyroid symptoms;

Obstruction, in the form of toxins mucus parasites inflammatory proteins acid build-up from foods
and using food in a way that allows the body hormones thyroid
to be cleaned purified cleansed and detoxed,

The thyroid gland is strongly affected by toxins many of which come from the food we eat, like fish meat eggs dairy non- organic low quality vegetables to much heavy protein, fats and processed sugars and stimulants, as well as the products we use on our skin and in our home

So when you start to identify what toxic food stuffs you need to eliminate, and change the products you use around your environment and on your skin,
and start to use some proven cellular detoxification processes that you hear me discuss a lot,

we can heal the thyroid
all hormones all glands,
the whole body
your body wants to be well.
your body wants you to be well.

which means no more weight gain, brain fog, depression, anxiety, pain, confusion, cravings emotional eating and low self-esteem

When we use food to cleanse and eliminate, and implement the detoxification that heals our cells
which make up our tissue which
make up our organs and glands,
here health will restore itself naturally

Energy and weight are harmonized
Clarity and focus returns
Confidence and motivation is restored
Body feels light and flexible
Skin glows and radiates youth
Hair gets strong and healthy
Communication feels free
Hormones heal
You live blissful in your body

remove the cause
and the thyroid and whole body will heal from wherever it’s at!

Has this highlighted anything for you?

What questions do you have for me?


Arianna x