We can all do it!

I see so many women going against their true vision for life, doing what they ‘think’ they ‘should’ do to be approved of and be accepted by society, proving to parents to look like a good girl, I was once there, so I know it well 

as women we tend to over do over give over everything, there has been so much stigma on the feminine body, when stigma in botany means the part that receives pollination (such truth lives in our flowers)

I can look back on my journey and see how I hide my sexuality, my feminine body, I was afraid of it, I was uncomfortable with fully being me, so I checked out through emotional eating and stimulant addiction (to stop feeling)

the truth on this body shame to body love and liberation journey is we get to feel absolutely connected to our bodies, in love with our bodies, at peace in our body temple (the true home to care for)

I’ve seen how the suppression of facing what we truly feel about our body can lead to weight-gain depression stress giving away power over eating over giving over doing, food addictions and gut and liver issues 

the search to feel home to feel at peace to feel love for our bodies really does come from being with this body, in communion with this body, being fully seen in all that feminine magic and taking care of her

that shame, is not who we are, that shame is lifetimes of abuse on the feminine body, it is now we take back our power and we rise as the powerful divine Goddess’s we all are 

and here, we transcend all shame, we go beyond, and we access the inner peace that so many are searching for

the shift in this e-motion, brings embodiment freedom and joy, a deepening into living that life of pleasure purpose play prosperity, the truth of ease and simply being true to Self

Finally, it is this amazing journey where we as woman remember…

you can overcome anything, you can heal it all, you are that powerful darling woman 

If this is an area you would like support with feel free to reach out and connect with me💌

Love you!❤️

PS. when we address body shame in a safe space held in love, it’s home to embodying freedom, peace and body confidence🌹