Not because I didn’t want change and to feel my best, simply because I didn’t have a clue how to get there, what to do, what I needed to thrive in my being

I guessed for decades, read books, studied, tried every diet supplement detox etc… still I didn’t find what I was seeking – the inner peace, coming home within, self acceptance self love, the true freedom to BE …

I knew deep within there was more-

When I got really honest with how I was REALLY feeling, then was I available for the true inner healing I needed

I stopped making my stress brain fog sluggishness body pain hormone-mess fear low self confidence reactions ungroundedness lack of clarity Ok

I went within…


Left: 5 years ago, plantbased/vegan, still eating a lot of acidic food, body full of mucus parasites, liver/kidney/gallbladder stones, biofilms, overload of uric acid, I felt so unclear, hormonal, emotionally unstable, tired, would stress easily, bloated, craving stimulants acidic and cooked foods, liver kidneys under pressure-look at the bags under my eyes, didn’t trust my intuition, face puffy- inflammation, glands where seriously clogged up with mucus causing emotional stuff, thus why I felt so URGH! living off stimulants and ‘healthy’ fats, making this ok (where I hide from myself)

Right: 3 years ago, beyond vegan, I started to go cell deep, in this photo I had been doing some deep de-toxing clearing healing work within, using The Body Awakening Reset method, I lost a lot of weight-I had to to truly be able to rebuild my body, so much uric acid (why some people have rapid weight loss on detox) mucus types loss weight slower 

Middle: Now, evolved nutrition, living free. paving my own sovereign path. Embodied. inner-peace and joy. No health issues, balanced, spiritual path living deeply, energetically strong and clear. The seeking ended for me, this journey brought me fully home to truth to my heart to loving myself to accepting who I am to activating my creative energy and living into my destiny. 

Health impacts everything, and why it’s the greatest freedom ticket I’ve found🌀

what’s the greatest freedom ticket you’ve found?