I accept myself

I trust myself

I forgive myself

I thought I had to wear a good girl mask to be accepted to feel like I belong

I thought my feminine body was dirty

I thought loving myself was bad

I thought listening to others was more important than listening to my heart my soul my body my truth 

I thought I had to only say what others wanted to hear 

I found out the good girl mask is a lie, I am free to be unique wild different ME

I found out I can be a high-end rose priestess and a success and a healer and a writer and a women’s health specialist and a health Goddess and totally weird and spiritual and free to love so deeply and share it with others 

I found out my feminine body is pure and innocent, and my sexualness is safe 

I found out I am safe to love myself deeply 

I found out listening within is the only place I need to listen too

And so I changed

And so I came home, to love to my heart

 It was scary, crazy sh*t went down on this healing journey, but I wouldn’t change it for anything

I needed it all, to learn my lessons to remember who I really amwhy I am here, 

and how worthy I am to live my bliss joy peace, and love myself truly deeply honestly

 I’ve spent years getting to know thyself, talking to myself in the mirror so uncomfortable but so powerful, saying I love you when I know I don’t, but I didn’t stop, until one day, I looked at those eyes, and said with tears of love, yes Arianna, I truly deeply love you, and nothing will cut me off from that divine cosmic love every again …

so, I chose SELF💞LOVE. In all its forms.

Today beautiful, look into those gorgeous eyes of yours and say something that feels difficult, stretch yourself, allow a part of you die and be reborn, 

and let’s rise sister to sister! 

It’s time NOW powerful pure woman!

I got you!❤️


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