Now I stand certain in it. 

Society has lead you to belief in so much food for so called ‘health’ nonsense

the food industry made up on lies to keep so many sick and taking medication, the raw truth of it

I know so many don’t want to hear, yet how can you ignore it, really? Why would you ignore it, really? 

then growing up as I did half on a Dairy farm in Devon, eating eggs meat clotted cream full fat cows milk by the pint salty butter by the thick spread over white perfect sliced bread 

then, I started to peel it all away, all the veils toxins misinformation, conditioning programming that has so many feeding themselves a lie of acidic poison (as health!)

remove that acidic veil of mucus, clogging your organs and glands to know truth of alive nourishment that sets you free 

I had this conversation with a private client the other day, it brought tears to her eyes, when she heard me say that, “I KNOW MY TRUTH” cause it rang true to her soul too 

She said; “eating this way is a dream come true”

…but there’s so many voices saying otherwise, it’s time to remember it before all that programming family food conditioning, it’s time to beat your own drum of truth,

…and live it 

the BLISS the JOY the PEACE 


the way I live isn’t radical, it’s just truth, that brings us home to our true Self, worried about not getting enough fat protein … is a program, catch it! let that shit go!

Nutrition, getting healthy, losing the weight, getting off medication, isn’t the hard part, that’s easy, what comes up as hard, is the breaking smashing of the mind and all its false old beliefs, so you can get the results you want and CAN HAVE

healthy fats. proteins. salt. water. pills.

synthetic supplementation. hormone tests.

ALL THIS, has nothing to do with true health, you can choose to exit it, or stay in that mundane-matrix-mix…

OR, YOU CAN live-liberated-longevity and know your truth, in a purified body that knows,

…this life is for loving living dancing singing laughing playing crying kissing travelling expressing caring relaxing coming together, and creating magic!🔥

Are you listening to your truth?❤️