I Can Do Anything. I Can Do This. I AM CAPABLE❤️healthy gut!👙🔥🌼

You are capable. 

You are MORE than capable!

Many of your beliefs are taken on before you are even born, absorbing them from mum in her tummy, you take on all her beliefs, bless her, but they’re not yours

I realised last summer how I had been unconsciously holding a belief I wasn’t capable, as whenever I had gone to do something my mum would be like ‘Ill do that for you dear’ it made her happy, but was so unhealthy 

unconsciously programming to not feel capable of doing anything, so I became so dependent on many things, people, escapes in my life 

catch it, let those beliefs holding you back go now, release them, breath deep and let go

you are safe,

You can do anything!🔥

Take the first step, what is that for you?

If you want to lose that weight for good, get off that toxic anti-depressant HRT thyroid medication, let go of the stressful life, the job you deep down don’t want to be in …

what do you NEED to do?

Is it to get really honest with yourself about what you REALLy truly want in life? 

Is it reducing/stopping animal foods?

Is it hiring that coach mentor specialist to make it so much easier and get there quicker?

Is it starting that yoga workout?

Is it getting into nature more often?

Is it doing that cell deep detox you know you need for your next level?

Is it cutting the caffeine?

Is it stopping the fake sugar boosts?

Gut/Detox health determines the healthy drive to move forward fearlessly 

a strong optimal digestive system, solar plexus chakra, “I CAN DO ANYTHING” centre, power centre, soul self, true Self, confidence, balanced weight

It doesn’t have to be big steps it can be baby steps, and this is how I love to work with my private clients, we go baby steps or big steps, whatever it is is perfect

where do you want to be in 6 months?🏝👙🌞what’s your vision for yourself? are things aligned to make that happen? 🌹

Take a moment to be with these powerful

Questions, it will help you in getting clear on what is your next most powerful step to live true to you and MAKE IT HAPPEN

because YOU CAN❤️