I believe in ending all suffering, and that we as children of the earth🌏have a human right to live in peace and live our most alive radiant healthy happy life, it’s our God given birthright

I believe this blissful life starts from within,
our inner world is what creates our body and the way we feel in it

In 2016 24% of deaths in the U.K. were from causes considered avoidable, under the so called system of modern healthcare, (needs to be changed to ill-care) – these precious sacred souls life’s are taken unnecessarily

I can’t bare to see fellow collective family die unnecessarily because modern healthcare hasn’t got the know-how knowledge wisdom to advise real support and natural healing tools,

its f**king insanity for people to die when there’s a real NATURAL solution

I believe modern healthcare is a disaster and only out to keep us sick so we keep paying into the system of medication surgery and all the other BS

Interesting that Google have recently bought into pharma!! this, 5g, coronavirus, it’s all linked!!

I choose to not be a part of this,
I opt out I unsubscribe from this chaos and choose to anchor into the earth
the truth of nature and our peace and paradise right here right now

I believe we are being invited to heal and liberate ourselves from fear, right now we have huge opportunity to rise heal and awaken from the long long sleep

I believe we are sacred beings of the land, gentle loving sweet caring creatures who love to help and support each other,

we are not here to be pulled prodded pushed, into fear manmade chemicals surgery, locked away in our homes,

let’s come together and rise!

we are all sacred, and deserve to thrive in this body and life of light and love💝

I believe there is nothing we can not heal!

Yes I have cacao powder on my lips 😅👄#ofcourse

Arianna x
Award-Winning Women’s Health Specialist.

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