“I decided I needed to be kinder to myself, even at the best times in my life I still felt unhappy and disliked my body. Mainly your radical and non-conformist approach, things that appeal to my nature, and you were highly  recommended by @wendyprior.wisegirlfriend. I wanted to be kinder to my body.” 

I remember spending most of my years up till a few years ago, always being there for others, helping, guiding, kind to everyone else, but myself

I would ignore how I felt, ignore my bodies feelings trying to talk to me, trying to save me from getting even sicker, but I didn’t listen … 

I was very stubborn back then, plus a lot of stuff was unconscious, I was very unaware of what was really going on inside, so I ignored it …

Are you listening to your body?

What if you were, what would be different now? 

Would you be eating differently?

Would you be taking more rest?

Would you be moving your body more?

Would you be investing in support?

Would you be detoxing?

Would you be practising more yoga?

Would you be making more time to be with you?

questions allow us to grow, we must ask them to ourselves to truly see where we’re honesty at within, and then take right action from a place of the wise courageous women within you right now 

What’s she saying right now?

If you are ready to rekindle your connection with yourself, one on one health coaching and specialist support is available, you can reach out to us to apply for your complimentary Body Breakthrough call, or you can the access the link via my bio.

Much love, 

Arianna ❤️