The transformation I am seeing and feeling in my family right now is so magical, there was a time when I would dim my light settle fall back into negative family patterns not speak up hold back my truth – to ‘fit in’ – gone are those days!

Standing in my light my power my truth has allowed those around me to rise into theirs too, we give each other permission, whether we believe this or not, a woman honoring her gifts her heart her knowing her light absolutely transforms the room the world

We all have a place here right now, our civilization’s evolution is dependent on each individual’s transformation. I stand to be the change I want to see, not waiting for anyone, because it’s all about YOU. and it all starts from within.

Let’s remember time/age it’s all made up stuff used as excuses, time is a construct and our chronological age is a lie, it’s your biological age that matters … and this is altered by the pH of your cells and health of your hormones – total reset here! Boom!

The steps and journey of The Body Awakening that I share in my new ebook is what has allowed me to shed the old letting go of the old fearful unhealthy toxic foggy anxious stressed addicted low self-esteem lost in my head me …

and HERE on this radically awakening journey Arise to my true-Self, remembering the power of my body wisdom of my heart my knowing, I took back all my energy-boundless, I grounded back into the power of self-love self-care my femininity my clarity abundance of creativity and flow, and healed my body of over 40 debilitating symptoms

Nature the plants the earth the sky all the elementals have been my greatest teachers and continue to be


As I AM lifted, All are lifted.

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Love you♥️