What would be different if …?

What would be different if I truly felt confident, balanced and at peace with my body? 

this was my question for so so long

when you ask yourself these self-inquiring questions, it opens up space within you to ponder on the outcome you’re wanting

…to get unstuck from limitations you may be holding about what’s possible in your body 

it’s the asking of questions which has allowed me to embrace my deepest fears, and rise above them, testing my body beyond what most would, and getting the results I wanted

…because I knew, if I was going to get the results I wanted for me, then I had to trust myself and my body’s innate healing wisdom 

I built so many conditions around my body, ‘oh if I do that or achieve that, then I can feel that pleasure and peace in my body’

…well once I got that this was NOT serving, I dropped it, I practiced letting go daily and owning my vision, I said YES to my true Self 

questions invite you into imagination 🌈👙

Imag-in-ation IS real

what you see within

what you vision within

is waiting to be your real-ity

NEVER stop imagining your highest💎outcome

And note to self, I got so hooked on results I forgot about this journey actually being about connecting more deeply with myself

as you ask the questions, you’ll start to see and feel yourself think act behave differently, and here you’ll get different results, AND- get to know yourself better

So beauty, what question do you need to ask yourself today?

always loving!❤️