I remember seeing a hummingbird for the first time in Costa Rica 2 years ago – it was magic, pure joy in motion, call in her spirit

she brings a lightness
she is the joy of life
beauty persistence perfection
strength to keep going
she’s so delicate and sweet, so feminine
and can travel huge distance without tiring

they have tried to disconnect us from nature, through box housing, box education, box buildings, now 5g blasting out to mess with the earth’s frequency and you … I opt out of this!

I invite you to remember nothing can mess with a living human standing in their divinity with a flamed flowering heart of truth, of GodGoddess

You have chosen to be here at this sacred time on our planet, and you have all you need within you, turn inward and tap into your truth of JOY

a big lesson of mine as a child was-
oh don’t be too happy, there’s people suffering, oh don’t celebrate too much – such victim mentality, burn through this karma and rise🔥

by keeping your vibration high is what will allow those ready to rise to come meet you, never lower yourself or suppress your happiness or joy to please another or make another comfortable

… anchor into your holy truth of health freedom clarity bliss beauty nature now

Right now your frequency is everything.

Happiness joy open hearts celebrating this life, music singing dancing, the flowering of the human heart is now

let’s blossom together🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸✨

Love you♥️