How to stop struggling with food choices and make food feel free and easy, this is how …

I spent over a decade struggling with my food choices, struggling emotionally, always using food to cover up how I felt and to not have to deal with how I was really feeling in my body

I tried so many diets supplements detoxes – to only suppress myself more

A decade later,
I found out everything I had been trying to use to heal myself had only been suppressing my body even further suppressing my emotions
suppressing me into false relief

I still see so much of this in the health and healing world,

We have to be willing to change direction to seek the truth
to get really real with the human body
to heal it

No we’re not all the same
and yes you are unique
and nutrition only has two sides
Acid and Base

I was told for years I could heal my body still eating acidic foods,

this is a lie

we can’t

acid makes our pain blocks struggles harder

Use your discernment and/or seek real truthful grounded loving support from someone you trust

Everyone thinks they’re a health expert now because they have the next best superfood in their cupboard

Even some of the top scientists are totally off track when it comes to nutrition, still saying Keto is healthy????? it’s killing us!!!

Nutrition is not about protein or fats or carbs or vitamins or minerals

We can keep masking the true healing by acidic suppressing foods
but this doesn’t get us the result we dream about

Real nutrition and how we heal through nutrition, using food as medicine,

– is using plant- food to cleanse our body at a cellular level
– and to eliminate physically emotionally and energetically, what no longer serves us

Food has been distorted

Food is sacred medicine

Plants are the true medicine

the cravings
the emotional eating
the sluggishness
the brain fog
the body pain
the anxiety

It’s toxicity, when I removed my toxicity, everything changed, symptoms disappeared, and I felt free again light again calm again present again clear again

Food can transform humanity on such an epic scale, yet so many are just not ready for it, ready to let go of the habits patterns comfort – that are destroying our body planet and hearts

I realized that it’s not as hard as we all think, it’s a choice and it’s a decision,

depending on how much you desire to live in the best health. happiest body, clearest mind and most alive soul?

It’s up to you.

I was done with lying to myself pretending to myself and making out I felt ok,
when honestly, I felt like shit

We have to get real with ourselves

We have to get honest with ourselves

Years back I took advice from people who hadn’t even healed their own physical body fully, how was I meet to heal mine!
and why I didn’t!

Be mindful
Be careful
Question the advise

In a clean clear body
Free from toxicity
Physically symptoms no longer play out

Here resides your freedom

You can heal your body x

So much love!

Arianna x

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