How to heal your body from years of stress …

I spent the first couple years of my 30s wrapped up in stress with my fight and flight switch permanently turned on,

I remember getting home one night for studying all day in London and feeling so unstable I went into panic and started hyperventilating into a full blown panic attack,

I remember feeling weak helpless fearful and dread wash over me

My Body had been screaming at me, trying to get me to listen, it had to get to this point to shake me up, this is madness, but it happens right, we have to wait till it gets SO bad, then we listen, then we take action, WHY?

My nervous system endocrine glands and hormones, my entire body was in chaos

It required some serious attention! Immediately!!!

Have you been listening to your body?

It was time to focus deeply on my heath, and it was here I started my detoxing about 5-6 years ago,
I remembering buying lots of cleansing and detoxing books and deciding to commit to cleaning my body, purifying myself, and getting really well,

AND doing whatever it took to get there!

I remember my first enema so clearly, it was like a massive black heavy toxic cloud was removed from my brain, WOW! it was like a new brain had been put it, a lightness washed over me a calm and peace, I felt my body release stress,

an internal reset was taking place

My body had been storing stress for over a decade, actually since childhood, I was always constipated as a kid, so stressed inside!

physical toxins alcohol drugs heavy metals emotions trauma, was all stored inside me, when we free this, hormones can reset
the nervous system can replenish
and the endocrine glands can start to purify realign
and function again

this of course takes way more than 1 enema, but what’s key here, is that each time we detox we peel away another layer and you get calmer clearer and more centred

I see and feel the more I cleanse and detox my body at cell level, the less stress I feel,

I feel no real stress anymore, as my body is strong and if something does come up I know how to work with it, my copying mechanism has totally reset itself, my nervous system has been repaired, my hormones are balanced and my glands are clear – stress cant hangout here! its too high vibe!!

Start to Heal these organs today through;
– avoiding all dairy
– reducing or avoiding all meat fish and eggs
– eliminating wheat
– hydrate at a cellular level through high water content fruits and veggies

From this place the body gets to heal all stress, as what we eat either causes more stress or nourishes and heals the body and mind

You want food to nourish

‘I chose to nourish myself daily with the most supportive clean foods’

What food habit can you shift today from the list above to reduce stress?

Arianna x