Menopause is a natural transition in every woman’s life, it can be so liberating and vibrant!

a tough menopause is corrected by healing the endocrine glands with wild cellular herbs and alkalising plant nutrition, here all symptoms will disappear-the hot flushes depression exhaustion weight gain anxiety cravings will all go

this reminds me of Christine, she came to me struggling with a tough menopause of 18 months +, so many tears on the phone, no women has to go through this pain, I felt her so much, and knew I could help her, after 8 weeks of working together all her symptoms had gone, Freedom!

we worked on her glandular system, digestion, heart and liver to reinstate harmony health and happiness naturally through the rhythms of nature and her sacred body

wisdom a root cause approach is life changing …

no fake false light agended chemical steroid hormones or other medications in sight!

you get to embrace your womanhood your way, feel confident vibrant happy healthy free and embrace your sacred feminine radiance

a tough menopause can be avoided by tending to the body, keeping her pH balanced, focusing on cellular health and all detox pathways, the detox pathways work a lot with your hormone balance, endocrine gland tissue must be clean to work as they need to, so they can support you through life and help you to feel balanced and healthy- emotionally mentally and physically 

And, it’s another lie your hormones deplete, 

they do not, not in a purified body, you can have the vitality you have at 30 also at 70+ (age does not matter, age is another lie)

radiance is a frequency health is frequency beauty is a frequency the feminine is a frequency the woman is a frequency of pure creation ever flow transforming awakening blossoming more with maturity and creativity 

you get to live even more vibrantly more sensually more radiantly in your goddess temple, confident calm centred and clear in your truth of your majesty, as the pure divine Woman you are

If you need support with a tough menopause right now, private message me to find out more.

Blessings Beauty xx